Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What Did I get Myself Into?

Well I am keeping this cat. Partially because I realized now why he was abandoned and why it'll be hard to find this cat a home.
Ever seen Simon's Cat?

And probably the funniest one;

I understand his pain...

Meet Tybalt.
Don't let this adorable face fool you

Although he is Photogenic 

And has likely the best markings ever.

This cat is a Tyrant.

Prince of cats, PFFFT.

More like Tybalt the Tyrant.
As I am sitting here, he's terrorizing a ball of yarn.
Now, I've had Tybalt for like two weeks. I watched him grow from a grateful hungry cat to tyrannous fiend in a matter of days. There is NO sleeping with this cat in your room. The other day I was napping on the couch and he felt the sudden rather rash urge to run all the way down my body and on my face. And then proceeds to look hurt when I yelled out in surprise and anger for the cat claws that were in my scalp just a moment ago.

Never have I had so many issues with a cat, ever. I love cats, and I love Tybalt, but he's a crazy cat.

He has his very affectionate moments, where all he wants to do is sleep at your feet. Like right now; he's tuckered himself out and curled up at my feet on the rug. He also keeps himself amused when he needs to. He just has a curiosity like nothing else I've seen.

Luckily he hasn't eaten my rats or my lizard, although there have been attempts to, and now my door is closed unless I'm in the room with him. He knows better than to jump on the dresser that holds my edible pets. He met the squirt bottle.
Tybalt doesn't like the squirt bottle. But he still likes to play in my shower after you get out of it. Weird cat likes water.

For his diet I'm trying to feed him on a grain free holistic diet. I also learned about putting water into your cats food to help with their health too. That cats aren't really supposed to drink just from their water dish that they're meant to take in 75% of their water in their food. Makes sense, I mean what bird or mouse is dry like kibble? My rule of thumb for animal food; if it can be bought at a grocery store and is a kibble, it's likely not as healthy as the bag says it is.
I think most people should try to feed their cats a grain free food. If I ate more meat, I'd feed a kibble free diet. But I don't eat meat often. Feeding your cat something with Grain proteins in it would be like feeding a horse a hamburger. It's just not made for their digestive systems.

While grain free and holistic diets are more expensive, you'll have a cat that lives longer and is less likely prone to diseases. Less Really expensive vet bills. Not to mention Tybalt's poop; pretty much ordourless now that he was dewormed and on a grain free diet.
If you're more interested, or need a bit more proof I really suggest looking into it. Click Here and Read up on it!

Tybalt is going in to the vet soon to get neutred and to get his front paws declawed. Although I'm not for declawing a cat, I am renting and I can be evicted if he marks up doorways or doors or the floors. I had a cat live to be 21 without front claws, and she lived outdoors for 16 years.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed reading and I really hope you look into going grain free for your cats and dogs.

Go check out more Simon's Cat videos! They're great for a giggle or two.


  1. Glad you're deciding to keep him. I had one like that. I lost a lot of sleep. At least he's friendly? Love Simon's Cat, btw.

  2. @Dom;Yeah atleast he's friendly. If he was Miserable I still think I would have kept him cause I always make the miserable or meek cats come around.

    I'm like the feline whisperer or something, lol!

    Oh, and this morning I found him in the bathroom Sink... ._.

  3. Oh Sarahbeara, you are just a big softie... he is very handsome, I must admit.
    xo Karen


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