About That Sarah Girl

" An eighteen year old spontaneous college student who holds the heart of a fellow in the Naval Reserves. Expect the unexpected.
Lots of pictures, ramblings and arts will be seen. Really, Expect something odd."

Hello, I'm Sarah Golden, and I write whatever I feel like on this blog.
I'm 18
I'm Canadian, and live in the most Southern City in Canada.
I got to St.Clair College
I would love to do something with art or animals for a career, doesn't matter what or which one.
I'm crazy for this boy named Joshua. Who's currently in the Canadian Navy reserves. He's currently out in BC on a contract.

Some other stuff;

I like animal hats.
I'm an Aries. (And Always Will Be)
I'm super tall and lanky for a girl.
I currently have the longest hair in the world (Feels like, lol)
I go to LDS and I try my best to read the scriptures. If not, I always try to read blogs about the scriptures, so I still learn something and don't feel bad.

I might be friendly and extremely chatty online, but in real life, I'm extremely shy unless I'm with my boyfriend or best friend.

<3: Ferrets, Owls, Photography, Facebook, Blogs, Potatoes, My Rescue Dog Valentine, Fattus Cattuses, 90's music, Pokemon, Vampires, Werewolves, Zombie movies.