Monday, January 31, 2011

My CRAZY Monday Nights

I'm on Day Four of the 30 Day Challenge
Usually my Mondays are pretty rough. Class at TEN!? What is this!? I would like to have a class at 12 or two instead!
It's not like my classes are hard.

I have Tuesdays off so usually I spend Monday night and Tuesday on my couch relaxing and studying for tests or doing homework.
Day 4: A Picture of Your night

Usually my nights are like this... So I mean it's not a crazy night by any means.

I got accepted into advertising, and I need to sort out how to transfer credits over to Kingston or whatever to see if I actually got accepted for Vet Tech and Vet assistant. Some reason they don't think I have my "High school or equivalent" for Bio and Chem. >:C

Either way, I am very happy I got accepted into Advertising. I am thinking I want to do that more now as I'm getting into the sciences like I am. We'll find out. Either or for the programs and careers is fine by me. Art or Animals. Both I have passions for.

Anyways, I should study for Bio for a bit. Have a good night guys!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

I wish my life was a TV show...

Day 03: A picture of your favourite television cast
(I couldn't possibly draw this. Well I could, but It wouldn't have the same effect. Thank you Google Images)
One Tree Hill
Oh boy, am I ever addicted to this show. I would say that it's put together like a little work of writing, art, and music. And it runs and changes over the years. Ugh, I am so in love with this show.
Not because Chad Michael Murray is totally hot, but because of all the relationships and trials they go through. (Mind you they are far-fetched, but they really do spice it up. Most of that revolves around Peyton though.)
I never watch it on TV, I always wait for the season to be done and watch it generally over the course of a a few days.
You can tell when I've been watching One Tree Hill because I get super sentimental, wishing I was Peyton and that I would find my Lucas...I pretty much have my Lucas. Or that I was Haley, with a picture perfect family, a singing career and a professional basketball playing husband.  (Bahaha) I don't see myself so much as a Brooke. I'm definitely more of a Peyton.

In one phase of watching One Tree Hill (I think it was season 2), I told my best friend I loved him. It definitely did NOT end like One Tree Hill! Although there was an epic return and an epic kiss, and that was it... But at least it was something fun to spice up my life. Lesson Learned.

I also find crazy amounts of great underground music. The show prides itself on finding underground music and throws it in, just at the right moment, it seems.
I've found some of my favourite songs that way.
If you're totally against shows like this, that's okay by me. You just wasted a good 2 minutes reading my blog post about something you don't like, and that I love. I think I see the winner here. *proud*

What's your favourite show?
 How does it make you feel?
 How long have you been watching it?

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Relaxing Art Filled Saturday

I'm sitting in a really cute little cafe in the basement of a church a few blocks away. It's really cozy and calming and they're really friendly. Everybody in here is from the U of Windsor, except me and my friend K.
We have been sitting here, sipping hot chocolate and working on art and commissions.
Yes, I'm finally being commissioned. It's nice, but the amounts are minuscule, and I won't notice it untill I let it sit for a bit in the account.

If you know anybody interested in digital art by me, let me know. I'm notorious for taking a picture and arting over it. Like the one you'll see below. Except for the fact that I had issues with my face. I was making a really off expression in the original that looked weird when I lined it.

Anyways; it's Day two of my 30 day challenge.

"A Picture of you and the person you've been the closest to the longest"
My close friends generally come and go as we lose touch, but Jasmine has been a great friend. She's one of those friends that when things get busy you both understand and when you hang out it's like you've been hanging out every day and nothing changed.

I'm loving my SAI Painter Tool.<3

Anyways; I hope you had a really relaxing day today, too!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 1

Well I'm doing the 30 Day Challenge That a few others are doing on blogs and facebook. Mainly Navy girlies, the trend seems to be. I want in on the bandwagon. >:C!
I'm putting a little twist on it. Facebook like destroyed this and people pretty much google imaged everythign they needed. Some things, i understand, but be creative!

So: Here I Am!
(Feat. Tybalt)

  1. In Elementary School, me and my best friend convinced everybody in my class that my middle name was Kenneth. And it worked. For a while. Nobody knew my middle name untill the end of grade 8. SKG Forver! :)
  2. If both of my parents were to marry who they are seeing, I would have 11 step-sibblings and only 2 being older step-sisters! Wouldn't matter too much, because I consider them all family anyways! :)
  3.  I wanted to join the Navy before I met my boyfriend. I think our relationship would be completely different had I met him at the Hunter, rather than at some party.
  4. I go to Church. I'm a Mormon. I got baptized!
  5. I have no allergies that I know of, but recently something in Sydney's car makes my nose itch. I blame Syd.
  6. I love learning languages. I really loved my German class, even though it was so hard, and I've always loved the French Language. I also know some American Sign Language.
  7. I was in Scouts. Not Girlscouts, mind you. I loved camping with my friends and the crazy adventures we'd have.I'll remember some things for the rest of my life.  :)
  8. I am a Pokemon Master. I still play the games, very often.
  9. I own a Double Rainbow mug, I've had it long before Double Rainbow was even cool.
  10. I have a sad addiction to blogs. I read most of your blogs! I feel horrible when I miss a few days and come back, just in case I missed something super cool. Dom's blog lately has had some really awesome stuff, like Mini horses and cute little puppies!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Blanket Fortress

I'm 18.
I'm in College.
But I still love blanket forts.
Over the summer me and Sydney made a fort with Joshua and my Cousin and played N64 in it untill 2 or so. My mother was not amused, but it was one of my favourite memories of the year.
Blanketfort in March '09
I can't find my other blanket fort pictures...

Instead of cleaning, or studying or going out with friends, I made a blanket fort. I haev the day off on Tuesdays, so I didn't skip class. It's the first  Second blanket fort I've made in this apartment. Compared to the one I've made before, this is a blanket fortress, and could easily fit three people comfortably. Only disadvantage is I can't see my TV when I'm in the fort. So Then I can't play kinect or anything on my xbox.

It didn't take me very long to make. I had plenty of blankets to use for the roof and walls and bedding on the inside. I just with I had more chairs or something to make my fort stay up better.
An Inside view of my fort.

Complete with Safari Sheets

My Lychan plush enjoying the fort.
Tyler so would have been down with this

Tybalt also enjoyed this a little too much
 And then there's Tybalt. Poor Fort Golden was ambushed by Tybalt the Tyrant. It was constantly under siege and was heavily armed with sharp claws and chaos. There were a few times where he tried to run acorss the top, or pull down a sheet. Luckily I had my trusty squirt bottle to deter him, sometimes.

Tybalt taking out the back wall of my fort.
 Soon after, my friend Arkady showed up, with offerings of Sushi in order to allow him into my fort. *sigh* Reluctantly I let him in. And many citizens in Fort Golden were happy as sushi was had. We drew and talked about anime and I showed him all my art and stuff.
It was a pretty good time, I must say.

So, Fort Golden is torn down for the night, in fears of Tybalt some how starting a fire with it. Cause you never know with this cat... Lol!

Hope you enjoyed it, and those readers with kids, or those that are still young enough to get away with it, should make one, and jsut hang out for the day with your family or boyfriend or good friends.
even though it sounds stupid, it's still fun to do. :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Food (Fail) Blog

So, since I've been living on my own, I've been attempting to fend for myself for Dinner.
The past few days I've been eating a lot of sushi and chicken and ... Icecream sandwhiches. 
But we can blame my dad for the ice cream. He told me to buy it.

The other night I had some friends over, we were going to make some mug brownies. And you can just buy regular old brownie mix and pour it into mugs and put it in the microwave.

As long as you do it right.
I was missing vegetable oil for this mix. I asked my friend if she had any, cause it only called for 1/4 cup. She had sunflower oil and we decided that would work as a substitute. 
...I had a brownie on fire in my microwave. Really! It was only in there 2 1/2 minutes. (this also isn't the first time I've had something catch on fire in my microwave in under 3 minutes)
After a few more messy attempts, and realizing after the third mug, I gave up and decided it wasn't my error, it was the sunflower oil.
My lesson learned. Vegetable oil =/= Sunflower oil

 As for Sushi, I've been going with my friend K, Who might start a blog soon, to a few different places. We usually hit up See-Q Sushi, they have a really nice bento box, but the other night I showed her Hoi's Sushi Buffet.
$20 for all you can eat of the entire menu. This includes things like soup, dumplings, sushi, sashimi, and even a steak cut up so you can eat it with chopsticks! Only catch is if you leave food on your plate you're paying for it. Helps keep waste down. The only bad thing we came across was the Philadelphia Rolls. They used baked salmon and cream cheese. And BOY were those really rich.

So what does my tyrant Tybalt eat?
Certainly he doesn't eat human food, or drink tea..

He eats Spot's Stew with hot water added to it. And he's gotten so much bigger since I've had him. He's got so much energy I really don't know what to do with him. He's picked up the habit of actually bouncing off the walls.  I promise to get video. Really, I can't believe he does it.
Not only is Spot's Stew holistic, it's also endorsed by Ellen Degeneres. Why that would make a difference? I don't know. But I love Ellen anyways.

As for tea; I've been drinking it like a fiend. just getting over being sick, so I take in all I can get.

Anybody have any realllly simple cooking recipes I could use to make something for dinner/lunch/breakfast?
I've been cooking these chicken breasts I've got. And been doing pretty well with it. So maybe I could attempt something new.

Hope you enjoyed reading it.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

I guess I got snared into Sydney's Award Giving, and I'm bored.
I got the 

There are four things you gotta do with this award:

1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers

4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award!

  1. I have an undying love of art. Any art. Well, most art. Most of my time on my computer is spent looking at art or drawing or talking to people about art. This could be crafts, music, photography, painting, digital, ect, ect. Too bad being an artist makes very little money.
  2. My illustrations are going into a book! My Aunt Frieda wrote a collection of short stories and is now in the process of getting it published! Way to go Aunt Frieda! :) I wasn't the only artist to contribute, which is cool because of it being a collaborative effort to help my aunt. She also wrote a story about me that is on that website. :) 
  3. I have So many animals. 2 rats (Vladimir & Boris), 1 lizard (Rufus), 1 ferret (Rikki Tikki Tavi), 1 cat (Tybalt) and 1 dog (Valentine{I didn't name her e_e}). Plus Fatcat who really isn't mine. I'd love to think that they all have fantastic quirks that no other animals have, but I just recently realized that I notice these things simply because I just pay attention to them more than the average person. I spend a lot of time talking to and playing with my animals. Minus the lizard. The lizard jsut kidn of sulks in his pen.
  4. When I was little I burned my hands on a stove door window, getting terrible burns on my hands both of them completely on the palms and fingers. Luckily I was young enough to have all my skin grow back without any horrendous scaring, if I was older, I couldn't imagine what my hands would be like. 
  5. I used to be a coffee Junkie. I am now a Tea junkie, which makes things a little bit more interesting because of all the different kinds of teas there are.
  6. I am totally into really rough sports. I played Lacrosse for 4 years or something, being the only girl on my team. And when I get the money I'm joining the local Roller Derby Team. :D
  7. Oh wow, 7 came pretty quick, Well Uhm. I've very Proudly one half irish and one half german. Most people in Canada can not claim being a half or a whole anything anymore, which is an awesome thing. My mix makes me crazy tall. :D

So, Considering the fact that I have 15 followers, (2 are anonnymous) I tag You!
Yes, I'm pulling a Sydney.
Deal with it, and have fun!

And be stylish. ;) lol

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Weird Weird Blog Dreams

Well, I'm really sickly at the moment, that 24 hour flu is going around and boy am I feeling it. I've been laying in bed, sniffing and chugging tea and watching sappy romances. One or the more recent ones I've watched is Riding in Cars with Boys staring Drew Barrymore.
It's an older movie, but it is really good, I recommend it to you. :)

Now, if you know me, I have crazy, fantastic, and vivid dreams. This because particularly scary when I have nightmares. But one of last night's dreams was awesome.
My grandmother somehow was reading Drew Barrymore's Tarot cards at her home. And I showed up to spend time with my Gramma and get my own cards done, but we sat and spoke with Drew instead.
And we got to speaking about our blogs. We laughed and laughed and had coffee and we taught my grandmother how to blog and we said what we liked in reading blogs.
I said I hated when people focused on writing about only the bad in their lives cause it's dreary and repetitive and plainly uncreative. She agreed completely with me. She started going off about what she liked and what she didn't, and we had oddly enough similar tastes.
I think Drew was more my subconscious having a conversation with me, but still, if my subconscious is coming out as somebody as talented as Drew Barrymore, well, I'm okay with it tricking me. :)
Oh and my grandmother does actually read Tarot cards. It's a really cool thing to have done, but the cards are tricky. (If they say you're going to come into money it could mean you'll come across a penny on the street.) I think I should get mine done again soon, it's been a while, and it's been a while since I've seen my grandmother.

For news on Joshua;
He's all settled in and working on a ship that is out of commission or I donno the term. We text back and fourth this time around, he forgot his charger though and has to go buy one tonight. It makes me miss him less. And Soon he'll have internet hooked up and we'll be playing xbox live in no time. :)

For news for me:
This was a little while ago but I applied to college for my second program. I applied to St.Clair for Veterinary Technician and Advertising (Backup plan) and then I applied to  St.Lawrence in Kingston for Veterinary Technician and Veterinary Assistant. Wish me luck!

Anyways; I was wondering cause I've got a mixed audience that reads;

 What do you like to see in a blog?

Personally I like all sorts (they really vary);
Horses, navy wives, crafting, art, photography, religious, family, food, animal care.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lazy Day.

Last night I went home to my mom's. I brought lots of laundry to do as I don't do it here in the city. I spent the day today cuddled up with my best friends Val and Fatcat.

Fatcat is not to be confused with Tybalt.

I also went and visited Sydney for a bit. Watched her pack her bags and vandalized her facebook. She kindly repaid this by putting wraps in my hair. :3

What a short post.

Deal with it.

I'll post something on like cats or something later. I've got to go to sleep.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Wait for Me

This was the little project I was working on, along with a small amount of photographs of me and him and me for Joshua's little care package. Filled with Reeces Peanut Butter Cups and  a little note.
I also found the ring we lost in his room while he was in the shower last night. (He looked really hard for it. ... It was in the first pile of clothes I looked in.) He doesn't know I found it, I think I'ma put it on tonight and see when he notices. I'm also gonna tease him for me finding it so easily. While he's packing I'm spending time with my tyrant of a kitty. I figured I'd blog and take care of myself.
Man does it ever feel good to see your digital work in print! I've already packaged up a few things so I can't really take pictures of the package as it's at the boy's apartment.
Ugh, I'm gonna miss that boy. But atleast this time we'll  be able to talk to eachother with cellphones. Hopefully it works out. Last time he left I didn't hear form him for well over a week! I didn't know if he got there okay or anything
Although I'm not exactly a Navy Wife, as I am not married to Josh, the feelings are pretty much the same. I still slump around my apartment, I still don't wanna get out of bed some mornings and I still miss and love him all the same.
He doesn't know about this one. It's smaller and in the care package I banned him from.
It's got the Lyrics to our song, I guess.

Now the song Wait For Me by Theory of a Deadman has pretty much become our theme. He sang it to me the night before he was gonna come home over webcam. Ugh, I'm gonna miss him so much.

I just wanted to share my art with you.

And, on another note, I am open for commission. ;)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Going on Quests Tomorrow

Well, Joshua is leaving this Sunday at 4PM for BC. He won't be back untill March 31st at the earliest. :c It'll be good if he stays out longer because he needs the contract, I'ma just miss him and school and animals limit me from following him out there.

So, I'm going on a little quest, to help get me ready for it all and some gifts for him. Getting a few photos developed and such and giving him a few along with a few other things.

Also, I doodled something. :)
heh, Even though he doesn't leave in his uniform, I still love it.
I'm also working on something a liiiiiitle bit bigger and sentimental.
Just a sneak preview!
I love SAI painter Tool

I've found a great song, I love it so much, and No, Sydney, it's not that Irish song.

It's actually the original version of that Techno-y song on my playlist.
It's really beautiful and makes me all mushy and stuff.

Hope you like it!

Expect a blog post Sunday night about how everything went.
Have a good weekend folks!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What Did I get Myself Into?

Well I am keeping this cat. Partially because I realized now why he was abandoned and why it'll be hard to find this cat a home.
Ever seen Simon's Cat?

And probably the funniest one;

I understand his pain...

Meet Tybalt.
Don't let this adorable face fool you

Although he is Photogenic 

And has likely the best markings ever.

This cat is a Tyrant.

Prince of cats, PFFFT.

More like Tybalt the Tyrant.
As I am sitting here, he's terrorizing a ball of yarn.
Now, I've had Tybalt for like two weeks. I watched him grow from a grateful hungry cat to tyrannous fiend in a matter of days. There is NO sleeping with this cat in your room. The other day I was napping on the couch and he felt the sudden rather rash urge to run all the way down my body and on my face. And then proceeds to look hurt when I yelled out in surprise and anger for the cat claws that were in my scalp just a moment ago.

Never have I had so many issues with a cat, ever. I love cats, and I love Tybalt, but he's a crazy cat.

He has his very affectionate moments, where all he wants to do is sleep at your feet. Like right now; he's tuckered himself out and curled up at my feet on the rug. He also keeps himself amused when he needs to. He just has a curiosity like nothing else I've seen.

Luckily he hasn't eaten my rats or my lizard, although there have been attempts to, and now my door is closed unless I'm in the room with him. He knows better than to jump on the dresser that holds my edible pets. He met the squirt bottle.
Tybalt doesn't like the squirt bottle. But he still likes to play in my shower after you get out of it. Weird cat likes water.

For his diet I'm trying to feed him on a grain free holistic diet. I also learned about putting water into your cats food to help with their health too. That cats aren't really supposed to drink just from their water dish that they're meant to take in 75% of their water in their food. Makes sense, I mean what bird or mouse is dry like kibble? My rule of thumb for animal food; if it can be bought at a grocery store and is a kibble, it's likely not as healthy as the bag says it is.
I think most people should try to feed their cats a grain free food. If I ate more meat, I'd feed a kibble free diet. But I don't eat meat often. Feeding your cat something with Grain proteins in it would be like feeding a horse a hamburger. It's just not made for their digestive systems.

While grain free and holistic diets are more expensive, you'll have a cat that lives longer and is less likely prone to diseases. Less Really expensive vet bills. Not to mention Tybalt's poop; pretty much ordourless now that he was dewormed and on a grain free diet.
If you're more interested, or need a bit more proof I really suggest looking into it. Click Here and Read up on it!

Tybalt is going in to the vet soon to get neutred and to get his front paws declawed. Although I'm not for declawing a cat, I am renting and I can be evicted if he marks up doorways or doors or the floors. I had a cat live to be 21 without front claws, and she lived outdoors for 16 years.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed reading and I really hope you look into going grain free for your cats and dogs.

Go check out more Simon's Cat videos! They're great for a giggle or two.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's an S Kind of Day.

Well. We got some snow!
I woke up much to my delight. I am probably one of the few people that love snow like a little kid.

First off we have a Snowy Sheba Ear

Me and Sydney went out to take pictures in the paddock. And well....
Meet Stormy.
*snort Snort prance prance Snort*
 (at which point she greeted us, and was later shoo'd away in fears of her brother tagging along)
 Might I note she was still Snorting and huffing up a storm at this point.

 She came snorting back a few more times...

How could you not love that Morgan face?
After this, I went for Sushi, I didn't take pictures.
This is prolly the first time I've ever come home with leftovers from sushi. Fantastic!

Hope you had a good day. :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A productive Tuesday/ Daily Shoot.

Well, I cleaned my house, litterboxes and cages today.
I still have some dishes to do but we used all the hot water... I don't mind waiting. :)

I am going to feature a little challenge once and a while that's called The Daily Shoot It's got a little project everyday. There's no way I can do this every day so I'm just gonna feature it once and a while.
It was hard. When you actually have to think of how you're going to compose a photograph. Here's a few of my attempts for:
Make a photograph today with a diagonal line leading the viewer's eye through the composition.

So here we go:
It's got all sorts of leading lines, but the main one is diagonal.
So you can totally see the junk I didn't sweep up. e_e
I also have a thing for Kitty feet.

Look at Tybalt's Nose freckles. :D
Mugs that aren't even involved in this, but I just wanted to show off anyhow.

I also drew a picture today:
Sarah-chan dislikes sweeping. Very much.
I wish Tybalt would help clean up atleast his mess. >:C

There you have it.
That was my Tuesday.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Your Best Shots of 2010

Doing my part in Sunday Stills again. I got into photography in January 2010, so I do have an entire year of best shots.

My first picture I was really proud of taking. It was a project for art class.

Detroit River, February

One of my favourite shots as well
A really simple place gave me a fantastic picture at night.

Sydney of Bitless Horse
My best Macro

My favourite picture from my Family Vacation

One of the few Sunrises I managed to see in the summer

If you've tried to photograph a loon, You'll understand.

Now, these are only a fraction of what I've got here. If you've been following my blog, I'm sure you have seen some of these before.