Sunday, January 30, 2011

I wish my life was a TV show...

Day 03: A picture of your favourite television cast
(I couldn't possibly draw this. Well I could, but It wouldn't have the same effect. Thank you Google Images)
One Tree Hill
Oh boy, am I ever addicted to this show. I would say that it's put together like a little work of writing, art, and music. And it runs and changes over the years. Ugh, I am so in love with this show.
Not because Chad Michael Murray is totally hot, but because of all the relationships and trials they go through. (Mind you they are far-fetched, but they really do spice it up. Most of that revolves around Peyton though.)
I never watch it on TV, I always wait for the season to be done and watch it generally over the course of a a few days.
You can tell when I've been watching One Tree Hill because I get super sentimental, wishing I was Peyton and that I would find my Lucas...I pretty much have my Lucas. Or that I was Haley, with a picture perfect family, a singing career and a professional basketball playing husband.  (Bahaha) I don't see myself so much as a Brooke. I'm definitely more of a Peyton.

In one phase of watching One Tree Hill (I think it was season 2), I told my best friend I loved him. It definitely did NOT end like One Tree Hill! Although there was an epic return and an epic kiss, and that was it... But at least it was something fun to spice up my life. Lesson Learned.

I also find crazy amounts of great underground music. The show prides itself on finding underground music and throws it in, just at the right moment, it seems.
I've found some of my favourite songs that way.
If you're totally against shows like this, that's okay by me. You just wasted a good 2 minutes reading my blog post about something you don't like, and that I love. I think I see the winner here. *proud*

What's your favourite show?
 How does it make you feel?
 How long have you been watching it?


  1. I never got into that show, but CMM is very HOTTT!!!!

  2. I love love love OTH. OMG. I haven't been able to get caught up on the latest season and it's bugging me out. <3


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