Wednesday, May 25, 2011

When I grow up...

When I grow up, I wanna be a barrel racer. It looks like so much fun! 

The gallop face

I often got pictures like these, chasing a really fast horse with a camera on burst is hard!
These were all taken at the Rock n Horse Fest. ...The best part of it was the barrel racing. The rodeo and shows were kind of a bust, sadly. Better luck next year.

I made my way out to the barn with a certain friend for some shenanigans that were to be had.

I also went and cuddled Stormy
and chased off this fellow, Sebastian.

So lady like, Syd.


Tolerant Indigo is Tolerant

The "confession" grainbin.

I forget this things name, Herbert?

We also demolished an xBox, but we can't disclose the demolition location.

That's been my life lately. I'm going to try hard to turn Joshua into a cowboy. I promise.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Art

Here's some new art of mine.
Who needs extra colours when you can just go monochromatic? :D

I quite like how I pulled this one off. 
(this one isn't really new but you haven't seen it.)

I hope you enjoy.
Also, I made a little comic strip. Which depicts what happened to me earlier today.
I'm not very creative cause it came from an internet trend, but oh well.

Hope your retinas weren't burned by looking at these pictures.

I Miss Summer.

Dear Summer,

Some of us are patiently urgently awaiting your arrival... 

Well considering within one week I had all my windows open and was overheating to having to close all the windows and turning up the heat and hiding under blankets to warm up, I don't think that summer in Essex County is gonna turn into nice summer temperatures and stay there for a long time...

I miss nice sunsets and fishing and running around the county in a tank top and shortshorts.

Please hurry up. I need to be less pale.

Oh yeah. Totally unrelated to this topic but my sister made a blog.
She's not nearly as intelligent or interesting or humourous as I am, but give her blog a look.

I'll try and blog more, I promise.