Friday, February 25, 2011

A picture that makes me LOL

Why I find this picture SO hilarious, I couldn't tell you.


This is from my trip to Point Pelee

This is some graffiti I've stumbled upon

This is a picture of Horace, on the poo pile that Sydney took
I don't know why I laugh so hard at this one.

This was in my Biology book.
It was also in the slide show for the presentation, and ended up on the prof's head.
(Use your imagination.)
I have the maturity of a 10 year old. :)

But that's okay cause laughing is good for your health.

What pictures make you laugh?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My most Prized possesion

Day 07 - A picture of your most treasured item 

I bet you're expecting something sentimental.

So wrong.

Pretty Much.

This sucker bought my dog, and my artistic talent.
And my soul probably.

I learned they don't like tea.

If you're wondering where I've been? Somewhere stuck in the real world.
But probably sitting on my couch.
Yeah. Probably sitting on the couch.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

No Such Thing as a Free Animal.

Have I ever said "There's no such thing as a free animal" to you guys?
Yeah... This rings true for me. Maybe just cause I'm a tad bit more responsible than those knuckleheads that beg for free animals on or Craigslist. Ugh those folks piss me off to no end!

Probably the cheapest part about getting an animal is buying it.

Although I got my dog Valentine for free, I had to immediately take her to the vet and caused a $180 vet bill.Which I happily paid because she was in reaaally rough shape. Me and Syd thought she had Mange or something along the lines of that. I really do mean rough shape. I really should have charged those bastards with animal cruelty but it doesn't matter now. All they would have gotten was a slap on the wrist anyways. Stupid lenient laws.
Val, a few days after we got her. Look at her ears.
She had to wear a jacket because she had no fur on her tummy and back and tail.

 She most certainly was worth the money. She's the best dog I'll likely ever own, and I'm very glad I took a huge risk on her. She brightens up my family's day with her quirks. Although she doesn't play, she's a fantastic companion. Great great old dog.
Now look at her beautiful coat.

Now; Here's my new cat story.

Well.. Although I found my cat under a car, meowling and dirty as ever, I didn't have to pay, other than for his supplies. I still have the responsibility of taking him out to the vet. I got the whole package all at once, just to avoid multiple trips and trauma to my feline friend.

I seriously mean the whole package:
Dewormed  - He had tapeworms
Defleaed-and-stuff shot - Always good to have, though he didn't have fleas, he could have had other things.
Declawed - I can go buy a new shower curtain, and less random scratches on my arms from playing with him
Shots - All of his vacs. Minus the ones that cats need if they're outdoor too.
Tests - Gotta make sure my cat didn't have Feline AIDS and Leukemia.

Guess how much this vet bill is? Well the neuter was only $100 which is great for our area. But in total, it was $500. I figured I was gonna spend that much anyways on him so I agreed and hopefully I don't have to go back. Technically I saved money by doing all of the procedures at once. Less money for anesthesia and vet hours and certainly less trauma to my Tybalt.

Oh boy he was pissed to be there. I stuffed him in the ferret carrier. He bitched at the vet and the cats at the vet. I lol'd when the vet went to pet him on the head in a "good kitty" manner and he was all "HISSS SNARL HISS"

So, now I'm Tybaltless for two nights. I'm gonna miss that boy.<3 He'll be home Thursday, probably all drugged up.

Monday, February 7, 2011


Sorry, I kind of went on school/church induced hiatus. Tests and road trips and studying and homework. I also had a candy sushi night with some of my friends.
I'm going on another road trip to Oshawa this weekend.
So much for the 30 day challenge... I'll just go about it now on days I have time. Like tomorrow.

Well, Great news is; I got accepted for the Veterinary Assistant Program in Kingston for September 2011! I'm so excited!
This is the Program! It's not like the Vet Tech program. Because it's not focused on a lab settings. There are courses on lab procedures, but it's not in depth. It's more on the handling of animals and such.
My First semester looks like this:
ANIM 10 Lab Animal Handling (45h)
ANIM 24 Introduction to Grooming (15h)
ANIM 26 Exotics (15h)
ANIM 41 Canine & Feline Handling Lab I (30h)
ANIM 115 Surgical Support Skills (30h)
ANIM 119 Pet Health 1 & Behaviour (60h
ANIM 125 Careers and Ethics (30h)
COMH 150 Computer Literacy (30h)
MATH 121 Mathematics (30h)
ANIM 112 Medical Terminology (30h)

Oh, They do Large Animal and Livestock in the spring. If you horse-folks are wondering.

And I think I'll be exempt from my Mathematics because I'm in it this semester, but who knows. It covers medical dosage for humans, maybe this math will be directed to medical dosage for animals. I don't think it'd be much different.
This schooling could potentially lead to me working with the OSPCA or something. Or just working in a vet clinic or owning a Pet shop. But Pet shops are just money traps that seem like good ideas, from what I gather. I think it'd be really awesome to go into something to prevent animal cruelty.

So, I told Joshua about this. I told him he isn't allowed to complain because Kingston is only 8 hours away, and not a 6 day car trip across the country like he is right now. He's a little upset, but he could always try to follow me up or something. I'm not staying home next year, I wanna travel too!

Asdofuhydsougfhsdgsdg!!! I am so excited and happy I got accepted! 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Who would I trade places with for a day?

Day 6: A person you would like to trade places with in a day.

My Ferret.
Rikki counts, Right? I'm sure I was supposed to go a little bit more sentimental, like with an icon, but a fuzzy mustilid works, right? I mean, she's got a disability.

Photo courtesy of Sydney

Photo courtesy of Sydney

Man, I LOVE to know what goes on in their heads. I Would also enjoy the ability to dance aroudn like i've got ants in my pants, and look really cute while doing it.
Also Mauling feet and running through tunnels and hissing at cats doesn't seem so bad.
I give my deaf little ferret more props than she probably deserves, considering how miserable she is towards anything that isn't a human.
She's a one girl ferret. Everybody else just provides for an easy target.

The ability to jump on and maul people with the excuse "That'll happen" is a pretty good one.
(Notice it's mostly me restraining ferret in these photos? If you've ever tried ferret photography, you'd understand.)
Who would you trade places with for a day?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A favourite Memory

You're going to have to excuse this post. It was a little bit more sentimental then I intended.

Stupid Nostalgia.
Day 05 - A picture of your favorite memory
One of my most recent faves:
Hanging out with my family on the French River
Well, I have so many favourite memories, I can't really even explain them. In my head they play like little movies. Little bits and pieces of my childhood, I really can't pick a favourite.
You're going to have to sit here and read them all.
Things like:
Going out to the Huffman's Farm on Sundays to play with the boys. Usually on bikes, cops and robbers, or mud fights if we weren't playing hockey or basketball.
Going around with my dad to do insurance with him. Well, I navigated the ordeal.
Dancing with my mom on nights when we couldn't sleep to loud obnoxious German and Russian Music.
Turtle Catching with my dad
Getting Pokemon Silver, a Gameboy colour AND a Scooter on the same christmas!
Family Reunions.
Playing Four square and hide and go seek with the neighbour kids the entire summer. Barefoot.
Tobogganning at Grandpa's.
Playing bouncy ball dodge ball in the stairway, Thanks Danny.
Playing Videogames with my big brother.
My first University Party I attended. Where I met that special guy in my life.
Getting pounced off a picnic table by my best friend. For little to no reason.
Rolling down hills in barrels.
Our backyard hockey rink.
The Shaving Cream and Baby Powder fight with my sister, my cousin and me against my brother.
Camping with Cub Scouts. (OH man, too many memories with that)
Being called Buttwhisker. Yes, that was a nickname of mine for a long time, lolol!
Hanging out outside the post office, for hours.
Playing Cheetahs with all my cousins in the bush, every get together.

Oh man... I really made a list.

I was really lucky to have a childhood like I did. :)