Thursday, February 3, 2011

Who would I trade places with for a day?

Day 6: A person you would like to trade places with in a day.

My Ferret.
Rikki counts, Right? I'm sure I was supposed to go a little bit more sentimental, like with an icon, but a fuzzy mustilid works, right? I mean, she's got a disability.

Photo courtesy of Sydney

Photo courtesy of Sydney

Man, I LOVE to know what goes on in their heads. I Would also enjoy the ability to dance aroudn like i've got ants in my pants, and look really cute while doing it.
Also Mauling feet and running through tunnels and hissing at cats doesn't seem so bad.
I give my deaf little ferret more props than she probably deserves, considering how miserable she is towards anything that isn't a human.
She's a one girl ferret. Everybody else just provides for an easy target.

The ability to jump on and maul people with the excuse "That'll happen" is a pretty good one.
(Notice it's mostly me restraining ferret in these photos? If you've ever tried ferret photography, you'd understand.)
Who would you trade places with for a day?


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