Monday, February 22, 2010

Been a while. LONG POST

Well. It's certainly been a while.

I am going to St.Clair after all. It is $6000 cheaper to stay home for a year and then go up to Kingston for the vet tech when the time comes. Plus I would really like to stick around for my grandmother.
Okay; so what has happened lately? Not much. I've been so busy with the play you have no idea. I take my weekends off though for Sarah time. The rest of the week is about 35% devoted to the play. I have two periods at school to work on it, and I spend my lunch in the music room, I spend atleast two nights a week at the school untill 4 or so. lately it's been more than that.

My past two weekends have been spent up at my boyfriend's. Its a good time. And I leave and miss him the entire time. Seeing him on the weekends gives me something great to look forward to every week.This Saturday we went out down to the river and took pictures for my photo class. Given the nice weather I got some great shots of the GM buildings across the river. We learned that we don't take too well to the sunlight in pictures. XD As you will see.
He's coming down to meet the folks this weekend. Took a bit of bribing from my mother to get him to stay but it wasn't as hard as I thought it was. Just a little logic usually turns my mother onto my side. That and a lot of cleaning and butt kissing. XD

King has left and so did the kitten. Now it's just Val, Fatcat and Rikki again. Not that I mind too too much. My room doesn't stink as bad as it did when King was around. Big smelly creature. I took some great shots of them while thy were here and a few good ones of Val. Val really doesn't like the camera. Fatcat was constantly in hiding, so I couldn't' get any of him. But now he's okay and coming out and playing again. I missed him.

Sunday I went out with Sydney. She put a wrap in my hair and I love it. I want to learn how to do it so I can start to put them in myself. One isn't enough. We went out to see the horses, and took Indigo out to walk down the laneway. Then we decided to go in one of the turbine bases, leaving Indigo to her own devices. She must have been spooked by the orse eating bush of doom and took off down to the barn. Silly Neigh.

Lately I have been falling asleep to Fern Gully. My comfort movie. It generally always has been a fall asleep to movie. So much that I always forget how it ends. Most animated Disney movies are comfort movies to me except the ones that suck, of course.

I woke up today to find that I had a snow day. I wish it wasn't that boring... I am like stir crazy and lazy at the same time; odd combination. My ukuleles are sitting getting fixed hopefully they will be done by about Wednesday at the latest. I'm too excited for them to wait any longer.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I'm in! I'm In!


Well folks! Sarah will definitely be a college student this coming fall. I have been accepted for Advertising and Pre-Health Sciences at St.Clair and American Sign Language - Deaf Studies for George Brown. I was going to show the macro shots of each one individually but they show my house address, and we don't need no creepers showing up on my doorstep, lol!

Taking the ASL course would be awesome; but if I get accepted for St.Lawrence's Pre Health Science; I am going to Kingston. This is because in George brown there is no residence, and apartments and rooms to rent downtown Toronto are very very expensive. I am not going to St.Clair; They were the "fallback" school.

Well Lately things have been kind of hectic revolving around the Back To The 80's play that I am the stage manager for (I do the dirty work that the teachers give me but I enjoy some of it and it will pay off in the end. I better get a cool shirt.). I've been helping arrange new days for practicing songs; and THAT is hard! And lately we need to start breaking kneecaps cause people aren't showing up. And when I mean people aren't showing up; we're missing 33/51 students that are casted and are the chorus.

My house has been crowded lately with step-siblings coming to stay. With them they brought my favorite dog (Next to Val) over; King the simply massive 1 year old Alaskan Malamute. Despite what folks think he listens pretty well if you give him the right amount of respect and attention and dominance. The key with King is that you Do NOT let him get away with anything. Even just a simple "Hey!" That I use with Val gets him to stop now. Meanwhile my step-brother's girlfriend has the hardest time with him. He's not a baby;he's a dog. And this breed in particular needs structure, bad.

My dad's girlfriend has made a blog! Showing off the awesome quilts and knittin' stuffs she makes! Check it out!
Anyways; I haven't been doing too much... Other than the play stuff I have become somewhat of a recluse; but I enjoy that. I like the calm of my house. When want to leave, I go out.
I'll just leave this hilarious pictue here for amusment sake.