Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Stray Magnet

Maybe it's because I can't help myself when it comes to helping an animal in need, but I seem to be a stray magnet. This year year it was my dog Valentine, a Lizard and somebody else's ferret. The other ferret went to another home that knew a lot about ferrets.
There's a kitten in my apartment right now, dirty and slowly gaining weight. I have nicknamed him Tybalt for the time being.

I bought him food, a new litterbox, a collar (cause it was on sale) more litter (It's cage cleaning day anyways), and dewormer.
He's got a case of worms, but not that bad. He peed on an old ugly sweater I wanted to throw out, that was SUPPOSED to be his bed. I put the pee sweater and hte box it was in by the litter box, the sweater on the outer edge of it and filled the box with litter as well. Hopefully he takes the hint when he needs to poop. 

Well.. He went poop, In the litter box! :D

Prince Tybalt here is going to get a bath in a bit because of how dirty he is. I just needed to build the trust.

Wish Tybalt luck in finding a permanent home! If anybody is interested give me a ring!

Saturday, December 18, 2010


The boyfriend is baaack! He came in on Wednesday, at like 2 in the morning I hear him knocking at my door. We stayed up untill 5 cuddling and talking. :3. I had to write an exam the next day, but luckily for 6 PM. I did awesomely on it. I did my Math exam friday, murdered it, too. And now I'm on Holiday. :)

I missed him so much.<3


Josh being grumpy in bed.

He brought home a new hat for me! Isn't it so cute? It matches my kitten mittens. :) I'll post pictures of Joshua playing witht the gift I bought him. He looves it. He kept taking it out and making me nervous and sharpening it. Yes. Its a blade. It's an 18" machete to be exact. When he spins it around and does tricks with it, it makes me regret buying it for him. Atleast he uses it, I suppose. :P

The view from my bedroom window.

 We also got a heaping amount of snow on what? Sunday night? And so we went tobogganing last night. We didn't get in untill 2 in the morning. I was out like a light. I have scratched in my sides from hopping into the phragmites and stuff. I didn't wipe out, but I was tobogganning on a tremendous hill. It was simply mnassive. It took us like 5-10 minutes to walk up from the bottom again. xD
We went on an epic adventure home out in the industrial parks and stuff. Ended it at a Tim hortons. I have no idea of how much exercise I got last night, but my legs are feeling it.

Anyways, that's a quick update, I'm gonna do sunday stills tomorrow I think, once I find out the theme. :)

Hope you're enjoying your holidays!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

In 29 Days.

It's been 29 days since I've been able to hug and hold my boyfriend. Now; I know there's vast amounts of people that have gone through a long distance relationship. There's a vast amount of girls or guys that won't even get involved with a military member because they know they're going to go away eventually. But;

I'll tell you; I full out knew that Joshua was going to leave when I was dating him. He had a date set for April 19th when we started dating, even. Then he had his accident with his hand, and that took away all chances of a contract for a while. Me and Joshua even think that they were trying to make him step down because they can't afford to pay somebody that can't do their full job while he was recovering with two surgeries and rehabilitation and healing.
So things between us blossomed, and I wasn't really expecting him to leave until Summer of 2011. We are best friends, really, He's my best friend. Nobody gets me like he does.

Blanket Forting, March 2010
:) This was right after his 2nd surgery, what a grumpy old man he was.

Now; Joshua found out he was getting this contract two weeks before he left. We had just gone through a rough patch, so we decided to patch things up before he left for the health of our relationship. I did it with the Vow to try and better myself.

I was starting to go to the LDS church; and let me tell you, without Elder Norton and Elder Garcia, I don't think I would have changed anything. I'm so grateful with their help in guiding me and teaching me and just keeping me company through this all. They were so supportive and I'm thankful for that. :)

The day rolled around that Joshua left; I spent the night at his place; he kissed the grumpy/sleepy/sad Sarah a goodbye and that was it for a week or two. I packed up a few things from his apartment; like his camera and his blanket to take and barrow till he gets back. Well, he might not get this blanket back from me. :P

The first night; was by far the loniest I've ever felt in my life.

I found out one of my best friends passed away the day before. To add into the confusion and pain and lonliness; this was a friend over the internet. In a community of people online that I had pretty much grown up with. Me and Tyler had known each other for about five or six years. We had even e-dated when we were younger, lol! My support system with all of our friends was only over the internet. No hugs, no wiping away tears, no shoulders to cry on. We only had words. Words and pictures. And boy, there was a lot of art that came up. I wrote a Memorial of sorts for those that didn't know.

These two events; my boyfriend leaving that morning and losing a great friend, left me feeling like I was lost and lonely and I couldn't make myself feel better.
And I stayed like that for a few days, but as I began to talk about it, cry about it, draw about it, pray about it, and read about it, I was able to come out of it. And I don't think I could have gone about it in any better way, given the circumstances.

I played with horses; I worked, quite willingly on really really cold nights to help my friend Sydney with Horse and Carriage rides. A lot of these I just rode up front with people and helped with little things. Eventually I'll get better with working with the horses. But I'll never get over the odd people we'll bump into that are interested in horses. Or the terrible children that have equally poor parents. Do they not realize the dangers of a horse when they let their kids run and scream all about them?

Grampa's Birthday.
First time I ever ate a Red Velvet Cupcake.

I hung out with family. I really do appreciate everything they do for me. I can't describe how much I appreciate it. I really took it for granted when I lived with them. I guess that's a part of moving out and growing up.

I hung out with friends. Now; I'm a big hermit. I really don't like to go out to friend's places. I couldn't tell you why, it's likely got to do with being anxious about it or something. I donno. But I hung out with whoever showed up. I also went to see two Movies; the Chronicles of Narnia, and the new Harry Potter.
I wasn't really that into either series, Harry Potter was good, but the Narnia film was really a waste of $10. The dialogue in Narnia was pretty much like if I wrote it; it wasn't very good, really plain and dull stuff.

I got my root canal. And then I got an infection for the cyst that caused me to get the root canal. I should really get a picture of the cysts that form. They're so painful. I don't know why they're not just taking out the cyst... It could easily form into a problem that they could regret not removing, in my opinion. But I'm no doctor and I often worry.

Giving up coffee all week; has made me crave brownies. I could NOT tell you why in the world I crave brownies more than coffee; but I think it's the richness I want to replace the crazy strong coffee I used to make. At least if I cheat and eat a brownie, I won't reaaally be breaking the Word of Wisdom. I just can't afford it, nor do I want to really eat sweets and make my acne get bad. I have self control over this!

Last night; Josh came online and we went on webcams, he sang me a Song. And I cried. I really just wanted to hug the laptop and cuddle it non-stop. I grabbed his blanket and I cuddled in it while we spoke. he didn't have a mic. But he could mouth words and I understood. He could also type; but that isn't as fun. I sang to him before he left.
By far; it was the best night I've had in so long. I love my Navy boy, with all my heart. And He knows it.
Tomorrow; he'll be home. Within the next day or so; I'll have my boy back. And he's not going to be able to move for a good hour because I will be stuck to him like glue at the doorway. He knows it, and expects it.
Gosh, I love him.

The Navy may have my sailor; but I've got his heart.
Taken by Sydney

Monday, December 13, 2010

Food and Life..

Joshua is going to be home on Wednesday, and I think I'm going to make him a nice dinner, if he gets in on time. If not, it'll happen Friday before we go anywhere. Thursday I have two Exams, so I won't have time at all. Maybe I'll make him cook for me, lol!
Don't those look awesome?
But I was thinking of making Hasselback Potatoes and attempting some meat, of some sort. I've never tried to cook any other meat than bacon and hamburgers, but I'm sure I'll do fine... Right? It'll prolly be Something like this.
... I can do this... I can do this..

This will likely turn into "Something from a box" night and an "A" for effort night all within an hour...
But who knows?

I've also been having a nasty craving for brownies. Like really nasty craving for it. So I think that Mug Brownies Are needed. These are the most dangerous creations on the planet. You can also use a box of brownie mix if you want to make a lot at once and share with friends without getting all sorts of different ingredients out.
So Dangerous...

Joshua is only going to be home from the 15th of December until the 15th of January. Then he's gone back to BC for 75 days.  During the course of these four weeks, we're going to try to move him and some of his stuff into my apartment. Why now you ask? Well there's all sorts of stuff going on between him and where he's living now, and I'm going to need a new roommate in April as my current one is going on an escapade to BC, regardless if he signed a year's lease or not. So, I need a roommate, and he needs a place to stay! Why not? When he comes back for good, we'll have been together for over a year.
Regardless of what the world thinks, it's gonna happen anyways. Just nod and agree with it.

I'm also taking Joshua to the church, much to the President's surprise, likely. I've got a Christmas Dinner with them on Saturday, and I told Josh to tag along if he feels like it. It'll probably be a pretty good time. Apparently there's going to be a few turkeys! I don't know how big the 9:30 congregation is, but the 12:00 one could easily have one big turkey. But a few turkeys is a lot!

Anyways. if you're wondering where I am; At home, at school, or at church would be a great assumption.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday Stills: Pets

Well, I thought I would so Sunday Stills because it's on one of my favourite topics for photography. I love taking pictures of my animals and other people's animals. If I could; I would upload them all, but that would be a horribly long photoblog. So I decided to keep it really simple. 
If you wanna know more about any of these photos; just go ahead and ask away in the comments!

Morning Cuddles with Boris
He's my big fat rat.

Somebody else's Pet.
Sydney's neigh Indigo

A Fattus Cattus.
His name is actually Fatcat

My Valentine. <3
I've had her for a year now.

He's a barncat but he's still a pet to Sydney and I

Good Old Valentine<3
Rikki Tikki Tavi;
my DEW Deaf Ferret.

Joshua walking the Ferret
Isn't it cute? :D

Well I hope you enjoyed it, and I think I might make a habit out of Sunday Stills.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Giving up Coffee...

Well. I know coffee isn't good for me. But learning that God told me not to drink it is a whole other matter. :P

Since I've been going to the LDS church as of late, and the missionaries, which have now become pretty good friends of mine, have now taught me about the Word Of Wisdom And how I should follow it. It really is common sense, but with so much supporting it, I think I can follow it better.
The only issue is Coffee.
Now; I've got heart issues. I should respect my heart a lot more than I do now. If I'm not careful with drinking caffeinated drinks, I end up with chest pain. It could be a lot worse, and will eventually take a toll on me.
Same with Sugar, but that's another story.

But EVERYBODY in my household drinks coffee. They drink fantastic amounts of it. My step-brothers can easily burn through a pot or two. Mind you it's usually two or three of them contributing, but still! Can you imagine your heart after that!?
If you're in Canada; you'll understand one name. Tim Hortons. D:!

Might I note, that is hot chocolate there.

I can drink herbal teas and stuff without caffeine, like hot chocolate, so that's okay. I can do this. I haven't had a coffee since... When did the missionaries come by? Wednesday? I've been groggy and grumpy, but that's to be expected with not drinking coffee after having a habit for how many years?

Hot Chocolate with a little extra
Cinnamon apple Spice herbal Tea

I'll do it. ... If I have to..
What a sacrifice...
I mean look at those unappetizing beverages I have to drink now...


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dust Bunnies

My house is being over run.
No lie. I need to sweep them up, or get a vacuum. Maybe moreso a vacuum cause this shag rug is going to meet the garbage if I don't take care of it soon enough. It's also the prime place for Dust bunnies to breed.


Tonight after the cafe I'm going to sweep and organize. I PROMISE.
How much sweeping and organizing is not specified and I should not be held accountable for dust bunnies left out in the wild. e_e

Sometimes I wish I lived with another girl so she could do the cleaning. I think that's what Mac thought when he was rooming with me. Disappointment, much? It's really hard living with a guy, not that Mac is messy, he's actually pretty clean for a guy.
The no help thing makes it hard when the dust bunny population is spiraling out of control.
I also need to mop. e_e... Not tonight.

To leave you with some of my childhood amusement on dust bunnies.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Owning pets.

After something happened recently involving really irresponsible owners, and a missing cat, and a replacement cat. I wanna just talk about how much of a responsibility it is to own even something like a cat or a dog.

Now, I'm not the most knowledgeable with animals, I'm not stating I am, but when it comes to caring for an animal it's a matter of common sense and putting yourself in their shoes.

Let's start off with Ferrets (Only cause they're my faves).
Everybody loves them, but can you really handle them? I tell people it's like eight to seven years of owning a small, hyper puppy that's hard to train.
It took me months and months of looking up ferrets and convincing my mother that this ferret at the petshop was THE animal I needed in my life. And she most certainly was. After begging and trying to prove to her that ferrets are not what they seem, I got Rikki, as a very early birthday present.
Right off the bat, I was prepared, I knew what to get her, and what she needed, and how to prepare my room. Ferret proofing your room/house is still an ongoing battle after owning Rikki for three years.
She wasn't a biter, she was already 4 months when I got her, so she was already litter trained and not nippy. That was one hurdle I didn't have to leap.
Ferrets get into EVERYTHING! If there's something on the floor, like a hair brush, it's GONE. The cup of water on the night stand? Knocked over and all over the place. The plate of food on the night stand? Well if it's something they want, it's all going to the stash spot. Potted plants? FORGET IT!
Me and Rikki on a walk at the river.

Did you know that ferrets are Obligate Carnivores? They only eat meat. I bet you thought they ate berries or something if you classified them as a rodent. They are Weasels. Naturally ferrets would eat bugs, eggs and mice and other things they could catch or stumble upon. They have a very high prey drive.
Most people feed ferrets things with lots of filler. Ultimately the best diet to feed them is a mixture of oils and meats and bones and eggs and so on and so fourth. I personally feed holistic kibble because it is easier on my budget, and with just one ferret, a lot of it would go to waste.
Rikki will get things like pureed turkey and chicken dinners, (Baby food) as a treat.
Vet bills for ferrets are very high. They're exotic animals, and vets don't always know the most about them. So not only does it take time and effort to FIND a local Ferret friendly vet.  Luckily Rikki hasn't needed to go to the vet other than for shots and the likes, thank god. But I've got a Visa for just in case for a vet bill. One swallowed elastic band could ultimately mean $300+ or death. It's really really sad, but some owners have no choice but the later.
I always try to discourage most people that want to own a ferret. It's tough, but it's so rewarding to hear those dookdookdooks! and seeing the ferret war dance. Or see how big their coats and necks get in the winter.
It is a worth while pet to own when you have the time and money and effort to put into them.
If you're interested; check out this group of people, that taught me everything there is to know about ferrets.
Ferret Harmony

As a kid, I really wasn't a responsible pet owner. I don't know why the hell my mom wouldn't just give the dog back that I snuck home some how or another. We went through a lot of dogs that would eventually be re-homed cause a nine year old couldn't handle the responsibilities of owning it.
Now that I've grown up a lot, I still snuck my dog home, but I have a much healthier, happy house with a canine.I am going to say I got incredibly lucky to have such a loyal, loving dog in my house like I do. There's been no training needed really. Anything I've taught her has been taught in a day.
All I can really say about dogs is you need TIME. TIMETIMETIME to spend with them. You can't just keep them in a crate and take them out when YOU want to interact with them. You can't just toss them a bowl of food and water and stick them outside on a chain.
What I often see is people getting these crazy energetic mutts that they only got for their name or breed or mix, not really looking into the pros and cons of their traits. These guys usually find new homes
King the Alaskan Malamute; Adopted after the original owner could not handle him anymore.
This is very common for this breed.
After a bit of love, King has turned into a great family dog.
Huskies. How many well trained huskies do you know?(And just because your dog knows how to 'sit' and 'shake paw' doesn't mean it's trained when it eats your couch or takes off out the door when it's open) I  can only count... one. The rest are all terribly trained dogs, because nobody wanted to claim alpha over a cute little puppy. And Huskies will take that and run and never look back. These dogs NEED to run, it's in their blood. Keeping these dogs on a chain is terrible. These dogs need to work on a daily basis to be happy. Other breeds like Border Collies and German Shorthaired pointers and hounds and spaniels all need to work!  They were bred for a job, and not house life. They need something to keep them busy, otherwise they will take it out on you, or your house, for that matter.

Everybody thinks cats are easy pets to own. I know from owning one, it's really not rocket science. You put food and water in a dish, you scoop kitty litter at least once a week, and you pet it and play with it when it wants to. (And with some cats, You just LEAVE THEM ALONE OR FACE CLAWS!)
Every single cat is different. I've never met any cat with the same personality. Every single cat has their quirks. FatCat for example; He flings litter and poop about everywhere around his litter box. We're going to try to solve this problem by buying, somehow, a bigger litter box. He won't go in something with a lid.

Did you know that Cats are ALSO Obligate Carnivores?
 Cats are just like ferrets in a dietary sense, except cats can catch big game like rabbits and chickens and birds and stuff. The best food to get them is Holistic kibble if you're not going to feed them raw. I know the price of holistic foods, but when you're feeding your cat things with grains and so on, it's going to take a toll on their body eventually. I would rather pay $18 a bag of cat food than $150 for a vet bill because I wasn't feeding my cat the right food.

Although, I had a cat live to be 21, she ate the junkiest food forever, lived outside untill she was 16, and was declawed and spayed. She ate canned food around the end of it. She smelled like death and so on and so fourth. We were expecting her to die when she hit about 16. But she still played with you sometimes. And she really was a grouch if you pet anywhere but her head. What a scary cat she was..

Cats are resilient animals, but they shouldn't have to be because we know that.

Everybody thinks rodents are a great starter pet for their kid. In my personal view, hamsters are terrible pets. The only lesson your kid learns from it is that if it dies it goes in a shoebox in the ground and then goes to hamster heaven. Or it ran away to the circus. Often they'll be miss-treated, neglected and over-loved by some child mauling it. The best starter pet is something the entire family takes care of as a group and team.
Many people think that that cheap pine bedding is good enough for their little pet. Pine bedding ultimately kills them in the end. It causes respiratory problems after living in it for long periods of time.
I own rats. Rats are my favourite small pet to own. Tied with Ferrets. They are OMNIVORES! They need things with protein. The great thing about rats is they can eat pretty much everything you can. If I'm having carrot snack, they get a carrot. If I am having berries, they get berries, if I am feeding rikki, they get some of her food. ... You get the point.
Rats are charged as exotics at the Vets office. So you should still think twice about how you care for them or what you feed them or what not.

Now; I know I didn't cover fish or birds, or other exotics. But that's cause I really don't know that much about them. But here's some points that apply to all pets;

All of our pets are much smarter than what we give credit to. (minus hamsters. e_e) All animals feel pain.
If it's cheap and says "GREAT COLOURS!" ; it's probably not good for them. (just like Cheap food for us all the time is terrible for our bodies)
When you notice your pet is acting funny, or puking, or there's a putrid smell from the litter box or yard. (What your animal's poop looks and smells like is a GREAT indicator of their health) There's obviously something wrong. Call the vet and ask some questions
If you think you should call a vet. You probably should, doesn't hurt to get some phone advice.
Get a network of friends that own the same animal you do. It helps out so much to learn from a friend. But a friend is not a Vet.
If you can't handle owning your animal anymore; do the right thing and find a new, responsible, owner for it. Atleast for the temporary time.
If you're looking for a pet; ADOPT! There's SO many animals looking for homes right now it's not even funny. When I look for pets, I try to look for some to adopt first and then resort to getting them young.
STUDY what your animal and the breed will be like when you bring it home. This won't leave you stunned when Sparky barks a lot, because that's what Yorkies commonly do.
 And unless you've got the money, DON'T take home animals that are sick just cause you feel bad for them. Call the SPCA if you think they're being mistreated. It's really the best thing you can do for it.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Some College Experiences So Far...

I've been living on my own since School started, been payin' bills and getting groceries. Sometimes with the help from my dad. Okay, with a lot of help from my dad. But so far living on my own, I've encountered countless things that will stick with me for the rest of my life.

The Restaurant owner.
Now, I have nothing against immigrants to Canada, actually I quite welcome it. But I am with the views that when you come here you should realize things regarding your neighbours and so on and so fourth change when you go to a new country. I met the affectionately named "African Man" in an odd manner.
My tub somehow or another leaks down into this man's restaurant. Instead of being calm cool and collected, he runs upstairs, "WATER! IS LEAKING! INTO! MY RESTAURANT!!! STOP SHOWER NOW!!!" And goes back downstairs. First time ever meeting him.. Hello African man.
Now, my roommate Mac always wants to piss him off. But it's generally me dealing with him.
If I answer the door, it's the end of the world. Yelling and so on. If Mac answers the Door, he's Mr. nice guy. Or if Mac walks up behind me. I feel completely disrespected. I sometimes let the water leak down on purpose now too. >:(

The Street Cleaner of Doom!!!!111
Seriously, it's scary. Street-cleaners should not operate at 4 AM while I am nice and soundly asleep in my best. This vacuum from hell comes screeeeeaming down the road. It's given me nightmares and scared the crap out of my guests.
Luckily they don't operate in the winter, but soon, Hello Snowplow of Doom.

Thirsty Thursdays!
You know when I can tell it's 2 AM on a Thursday? Drunks. Drunk university students out roaming the streets.
I once watched from my window; Three guys were playfighting on the baptist church lawn. That's cool. All the sudden I hear somebody vomiting. While these three guys are wrestling and having a great loud laughing time, their buddy is puking in the church garden. Nothing like Sunday mass and "What's that smell?" When they're leaving.
One Thursday I heard a commotion to look outside to see a band of drunken hooligans stumbling down the road. The stop at a block of wet pavement surrounded by cones. Instead of walking through the wet pavement, or signing their names. They take the cones, place them on their heads and continue on down the road. I would later see these cones on various roofs around my area.

My mother.
My mother is pretty much banned from my house. She cleans. I threaten to kick her out when she comes here cause she'll start doing dishes or mop the freaking floor. I'm not lying. She's one of those people that scrub the bathtub before company come over, but then pulls the shower curtain over it so nobody can see it... O_o;;

My Bus Rides;
I honestly will have to make a blog post about my various experiences with Public transit.
I'll leave you with one. There's a magician that rides the bus every Thursday at 10:00 to go downtown. I have one of his cards. He looks like a vampire, no lie.

My roommate.
Mac is quite the interesting fellow. My friend Sydney's first meeting of him;
He had his shirt taken off and tied about his head so he looked like a Ninja, "The T-shirt Ninja" Luckily Sydney is used to our friends doing weirder stuff so she wasn't phased, much to Mac's disappointment.
Mac has also taught me the importance of butter while cooking. He's the prime example of a college guy trying to cook. JUST PUT IT ON HIGH AND WAIT TILL IT BURNS! Mmm. Sounds great and healthy.

Pasta and Chicken Nuggets;
I've come to realize, I buy these instinctively now at the grocery store. Even when my dad is insisting he pays for groceries, I STILL buy craploads of cheap chicken nuggets and Pasta.
Mind you, I'm a terrible cook and these things are really the only things I know how to make well other than perogies and egg sammiches and Microwaved Baked potatoes.
But My diet really consists of Coffee, lots of coffee, chicken nuggets, Pasta and some soups.
I'm so healthy. :>
Best thing in the world<3

Yep. I hang around missionaries. They stop by about once a week.No big deal, but I played a paper scissor rock tournament with them and my friend. I totally won. :D
We're also going sledding when it snows enough, Cause most of them are from the states and rarely get enough snow.
Originally when I met my first missionary friend, I thought I was going to be mugged. No lie. he came up to me,  while I had my earphones in and was waiting for the bus alone in the dark. Scared the living daylights out of me...

I also encountered this fellow on a road trip.
I was wearing my Owl hat when I took this picture. I also waved.
I don't think I gave him the hooters he wanted...
Oh yeah. And School is going good. Except that last quiz I didn't do so hot on, but it's all still great.

I'm sure I'm missing a lot of stories.

Oh!? What's this!? My Neglected Blog!? (Photodump)

Well! I'm alive! I promise THIS time I'll be active.
Well, here's some photos and explanations of everything I've been doing.

 Alright; So, I've got quite the lovely, fat ferret at the moment. She's seriously HUGE! These pictures don't do it justice.
She's living with me at my apartment. I love her so much, and I think she's enjoying being the biggest animal in the house right now. She also gets spoiled freaking rotten.

 I've spent a lot of time with my family lately. I've been really learning to appreciate all the things they do for me. You don't really realize it until you move out on your own.

 Val is doing great, as usual. I've had her for a year, can you believe how far she's come!? It's a shame I only get to see her once in a while. My parents don't want to give her up. I remember when they didn't even want to see her. :P

I love my rescue Dog!

Oh, And I got two lovely russian boys! :D That is Boris up on the left, and Vladimir on the right.
They're quite handsome chubby fellows that are very content with riding in my hood all day.

The furry fandom. See that group of people? Those are people I love to spend time with to just be myself. I don't have to be afraid of being judged around them. That's what being a group of silly animals makes you. Do we look like sex crazed people that dress up like animals and kill eachother and end up on CSI?
I didn't think so. :)

 Oh my. Remember this boy?
Right now he's currently 3, 956 Kilometers away from me at this point in time. He's out in BC with the Navy doin' cool stuff on boats and stuff that he loves. It was also his birthday on the 2nd. He's going to love his gift!
Don't worry though. He'll be home Friday for four weeks! :D I'm so excited to see him. Distance really does make the heart grow fonder.

Anyways. I suppose I'll actually start to use my blog. I'll just try to keep up with Syd. :P