Saturday, December 18, 2010


The boyfriend is baaack! He came in on Wednesday, at like 2 in the morning I hear him knocking at my door. We stayed up untill 5 cuddling and talking. :3. I had to write an exam the next day, but luckily for 6 PM. I did awesomely on it. I did my Math exam friday, murdered it, too. And now I'm on Holiday. :)

I missed him so much.<3


Josh being grumpy in bed.

He brought home a new hat for me! Isn't it so cute? It matches my kitten mittens. :) I'll post pictures of Joshua playing witht the gift I bought him. He looves it. He kept taking it out and making me nervous and sharpening it. Yes. Its a blade. It's an 18" machete to be exact. When he spins it around and does tricks with it, it makes me regret buying it for him. Atleast he uses it, I suppose. :P

The view from my bedroom window.

 We also got a heaping amount of snow on what? Sunday night? And so we went tobogganing last night. We didn't get in untill 2 in the morning. I was out like a light. I have scratched in my sides from hopping into the phragmites and stuff. I didn't wipe out, but I was tobogganning on a tremendous hill. It was simply mnassive. It took us like 5-10 minutes to walk up from the bottom again. xD
We went on an epic adventure home out in the industrial parks and stuff. Ended it at a Tim hortons. I have no idea of how much exercise I got last night, but my legs are feeling it.

Anyways, that's a quick update, I'm gonna do sunday stills tomorrow I think, once I find out the theme. :)

Hope you're enjoying your holidays!


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