Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dust Bunnies

My house is being over run.
No lie. I need to sweep them up, or get a vacuum. Maybe moreso a vacuum cause this shag rug is going to meet the garbage if I don't take care of it soon enough. It's also the prime place for Dust bunnies to breed.


Tonight after the cafe I'm going to sweep and organize. I PROMISE.
How much sweeping and organizing is not specified and I should not be held accountable for dust bunnies left out in the wild. e_e

Sometimes I wish I lived with another girl so she could do the cleaning. I think that's what Mac thought when he was rooming with me. Disappointment, much? It's really hard living with a guy, not that Mac is messy, he's actually pretty clean for a guy.
The no help thing makes it hard when the dust bunny population is spiraling out of control.
I also need to mop. e_e... Not tonight.

To leave you with some of my childhood amusement on dust bunnies.

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