Monday, December 13, 2010

Food and Life..

Joshua is going to be home on Wednesday, and I think I'm going to make him a nice dinner, if he gets in on time. If not, it'll happen Friday before we go anywhere. Thursday I have two Exams, so I won't have time at all. Maybe I'll make him cook for me, lol!
Don't those look awesome?
But I was thinking of making Hasselback Potatoes and attempting some meat, of some sort. I've never tried to cook any other meat than bacon and hamburgers, but I'm sure I'll do fine... Right? It'll prolly be Something like this.
... I can do this... I can do this..

This will likely turn into "Something from a box" night and an "A" for effort night all within an hour...
But who knows?

I've also been having a nasty craving for brownies. Like really nasty craving for it. So I think that Mug Brownies Are needed. These are the most dangerous creations on the planet. You can also use a box of brownie mix if you want to make a lot at once and share with friends without getting all sorts of different ingredients out.
So Dangerous...

Joshua is only going to be home from the 15th of December until the 15th of January. Then he's gone back to BC for 75 days.  During the course of these four weeks, we're going to try to move him and some of his stuff into my apartment. Why now you ask? Well there's all sorts of stuff going on between him and where he's living now, and I'm going to need a new roommate in April as my current one is going on an escapade to BC, regardless if he signed a year's lease or not. So, I need a roommate, and he needs a place to stay! Why not? When he comes back for good, we'll have been together for over a year.
Regardless of what the world thinks, it's gonna happen anyways. Just nod and agree with it.

I'm also taking Joshua to the church, much to the President's surprise, likely. I've got a Christmas Dinner with them on Saturday, and I told Josh to tag along if he feels like it. It'll probably be a pretty good time. Apparently there's going to be a few turkeys! I don't know how big the 9:30 congregation is, but the 12:00 one could easily have one big turkey. But a few turkeys is a lot!

Anyways. if you're wondering where I am; At home, at school, or at church would be a great assumption.



  2. Mmm. Mug cakkkeeee. <3

    you need to come up here so we can have blanket fort night.

  3. this menu looks divine! love the mug brownie idea sounds totally yummo.


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