Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Stray Magnet

Maybe it's because I can't help myself when it comes to helping an animal in need, but I seem to be a stray magnet. This year year it was my dog Valentine, a Lizard and somebody else's ferret. The other ferret went to another home that knew a lot about ferrets.
There's a kitten in my apartment right now, dirty and slowly gaining weight. I have nicknamed him Tybalt for the time being.

I bought him food, a new litterbox, a collar (cause it was on sale) more litter (It's cage cleaning day anyways), and dewormer.
He's got a case of worms, but not that bad. He peed on an old ugly sweater I wanted to throw out, that was SUPPOSED to be his bed. I put the pee sweater and hte box it was in by the litter box, the sweater on the outer edge of it and filled the box with litter as well. Hopefully he takes the hint when he needs to poop. 

Well.. He went poop, In the litter box! :D

Prince Tybalt here is going to get a bath in a bit because of how dirty he is. I just needed to build the trust.

Wish Tybalt luck in finding a permanent home! If anybody is interested give me a ring!


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