Sunday, December 5, 2010

Some College Experiences So Far...

I've been living on my own since School started, been payin' bills and getting groceries. Sometimes with the help from my dad. Okay, with a lot of help from my dad. But so far living on my own, I've encountered countless things that will stick with me for the rest of my life.

The Restaurant owner.
Now, I have nothing against immigrants to Canada, actually I quite welcome it. But I am with the views that when you come here you should realize things regarding your neighbours and so on and so fourth change when you go to a new country. I met the affectionately named "African Man" in an odd manner.
My tub somehow or another leaks down into this man's restaurant. Instead of being calm cool and collected, he runs upstairs, "WATER! IS LEAKING! INTO! MY RESTAURANT!!! STOP SHOWER NOW!!!" And goes back downstairs. First time ever meeting him.. Hello African man.
Now, my roommate Mac always wants to piss him off. But it's generally me dealing with him.
If I answer the door, it's the end of the world. Yelling and so on. If Mac answers the Door, he's Mr. nice guy. Or if Mac walks up behind me. I feel completely disrespected. I sometimes let the water leak down on purpose now too. >:(

The Street Cleaner of Doom!!!!111
Seriously, it's scary. Street-cleaners should not operate at 4 AM while I am nice and soundly asleep in my best. This vacuum from hell comes screeeeeaming down the road. It's given me nightmares and scared the crap out of my guests.
Luckily they don't operate in the winter, but soon, Hello Snowplow of Doom.

Thirsty Thursdays!
You know when I can tell it's 2 AM on a Thursday? Drunks. Drunk university students out roaming the streets.
I once watched from my window; Three guys were playfighting on the baptist church lawn. That's cool. All the sudden I hear somebody vomiting. While these three guys are wrestling and having a great loud laughing time, their buddy is puking in the church garden. Nothing like Sunday mass and "What's that smell?" When they're leaving.
One Thursday I heard a commotion to look outside to see a band of drunken hooligans stumbling down the road. The stop at a block of wet pavement surrounded by cones. Instead of walking through the wet pavement, or signing their names. They take the cones, place them on their heads and continue on down the road. I would later see these cones on various roofs around my area.

My mother.
My mother is pretty much banned from my house. She cleans. I threaten to kick her out when she comes here cause she'll start doing dishes or mop the freaking floor. I'm not lying. She's one of those people that scrub the bathtub before company come over, but then pulls the shower curtain over it so nobody can see it... O_o;;

My Bus Rides;
I honestly will have to make a blog post about my various experiences with Public transit.
I'll leave you with one. There's a magician that rides the bus every Thursday at 10:00 to go downtown. I have one of his cards. He looks like a vampire, no lie.

My roommate.
Mac is quite the interesting fellow. My friend Sydney's first meeting of him;
He had his shirt taken off and tied about his head so he looked like a Ninja, "The T-shirt Ninja" Luckily Sydney is used to our friends doing weirder stuff so she wasn't phased, much to Mac's disappointment.
Mac has also taught me the importance of butter while cooking. He's the prime example of a college guy trying to cook. JUST PUT IT ON HIGH AND WAIT TILL IT BURNS! Mmm. Sounds great and healthy.

Pasta and Chicken Nuggets;
I've come to realize, I buy these instinctively now at the grocery store. Even when my dad is insisting he pays for groceries, I STILL buy craploads of cheap chicken nuggets and Pasta.
Mind you, I'm a terrible cook and these things are really the only things I know how to make well other than perogies and egg sammiches and Microwaved Baked potatoes.
But My diet really consists of Coffee, lots of coffee, chicken nuggets, Pasta and some soups.
I'm so healthy. :>
Best thing in the world<3

Yep. I hang around missionaries. They stop by about once a week.No big deal, but I played a paper scissor rock tournament with them and my friend. I totally won. :D
We're also going sledding when it snows enough, Cause most of them are from the states and rarely get enough snow.
Originally when I met my first missionary friend, I thought I was going to be mugged. No lie. he came up to me,  while I had my earphones in and was waiting for the bus alone in the dark. Scared the living daylights out of me...

I also encountered this fellow on a road trip.
I was wearing my Owl hat when I took this picture. I also waved.
I don't think I gave him the hooters he wanted...
Oh yeah. And School is going good. Except that last quiz I didn't do so hot on, but it's all still great.

I'm sure I'm missing a lot of stories.

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  1. This is Kei. I know the magician. His name is Spencer and he's a second year in my program. :3 He only puts his hair up when he's going downtown, so you probably wouldn't recognize him if you saw him around campus.


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