Saturday, January 1, 2011

10 Things.

This year was likely the most eventful one of my life so far.
I fell out of love, I fell into love again shortly after.
 I helped to manage and organize 30 or so angsty teenagers in the School play Back To The 80's... And Survived.
I went to my prom and had a great time
I turned 18.
I graduated with my class of 2010.
I learned how to drive a horse, Bitless!
I can ride a horse, kind of. :P
I got my drivers license. But you don't want me driving. Only horses. And only sometimes with that. 
I kept up with Val's training and terribly hard obedience (Sarcasm).
I applied for College.
I applied for loan, and got it!
I moved out!
I went to college!
I like college! xD
I pay bills. High bills. @_@
And I've made some pretty awesome friends, who aren't actually even in my program, but I wouldn't trade them or give them up for the world.

So with these accomplishments, I'm going to set myself ten goals for this year. And I think I'm going to set goals for myself for each month.

10 Things for 2011
Finish Pre-Health with a High GPA
Get and Maintain a Part time job, for a longer period than two days. (Yup.)
Travel far away.
Get My G2 & Get a Car.
Get into good Physical shape
Go to Church every Sunday possible
Blog Often
Volunteer somewhere with animals
Spend more time with family
Join the Navy!

My list for the month will be up with the next blog.
What are your resolutions for this year?


  1. Sounds like a productive year and a good set of goals.

  2. My only goal is to get married. Or get engaged. But I'd rather not wait till 2012 to be married. Good luck in school!


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