Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 1

Well I'm doing the 30 Day Challenge That a few others are doing on blogs and facebook. Mainly Navy girlies, the trend seems to be. I want in on the bandwagon. >:C!
I'm putting a little twist on it. Facebook like destroyed this and people pretty much google imaged everythign they needed. Some things, i understand, but be creative!

So: Here I Am!
(Feat. Tybalt)

  1. In Elementary School, me and my best friend convinced everybody in my class that my middle name was Kenneth. And it worked. For a while. Nobody knew my middle name untill the end of grade 8. SKG Forver! :)
  2. If both of my parents were to marry who they are seeing, I would have 11 step-sibblings and only 2 being older step-sisters! Wouldn't matter too much, because I consider them all family anyways! :)
  3.  I wanted to join the Navy before I met my boyfriend. I think our relationship would be completely different had I met him at the Hunter, rather than at some party.
  4. I go to Church. I'm a Mormon. I got baptized!
  5. I have no allergies that I know of, but recently something in Sydney's car makes my nose itch. I blame Syd.
  6. I love learning languages. I really loved my German class, even though it was so hard, and I've always loved the French Language. I also know some American Sign Language.
  7. I was in Scouts. Not Girlscouts, mind you. I loved camping with my friends and the crazy adventures we'd have.I'll remember some things for the rest of my life.  :)
  8. I am a Pokemon Master. I still play the games, very often.
  9. I own a Double Rainbow mug, I've had it long before Double Rainbow was even cool.
  10. I have a sad addiction to blogs. I read most of your blogs! I feel horrible when I miss a few days and come back, just in case I missed something super cool. Dom's blog lately has had some really awesome stuff, like Mini horses and cute little puppies!

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  1. Haha. Thanks for the mention :)

    In elementary school, my friend and I convinced everyone that there was a warlock in the woods. The only way to keep him from taking you, if you were a guy, was to wear a pink shirt. All the boys got their class shirts in pink that year. Our parents were all very confused.

    ETA- word verification is 'versa', which is the car I drive.


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