Saturday, January 29, 2011

Relaxing Art Filled Saturday

I'm sitting in a really cute little cafe in the basement of a church a few blocks away. It's really cozy and calming and they're really friendly. Everybody in here is from the U of Windsor, except me and my friend K.
We have been sitting here, sipping hot chocolate and working on art and commissions.
Yes, I'm finally being commissioned. It's nice, but the amounts are minuscule, and I won't notice it untill I let it sit for a bit in the account.

If you know anybody interested in digital art by me, let me know. I'm notorious for taking a picture and arting over it. Like the one you'll see below. Except for the fact that I had issues with my face. I was making a really off expression in the original that looked weird when I lined it.

Anyways; it's Day two of my 30 day challenge.

"A Picture of you and the person you've been the closest to the longest"
My close friends generally come and go as we lose touch, but Jasmine has been a great friend. She's one of those friends that when things get busy you both understand and when you hang out it's like you've been hanging out every day and nothing changed.

I'm loving my SAI Painter Tool.<3

Anyways; I hope you had a really relaxing day today, too!

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