Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A productive Tuesday/ Daily Shoot.

Well, I cleaned my house, litterboxes and cages today.
I still have some dishes to do but we used all the hot water... I don't mind waiting. :)

I am going to feature a little challenge once and a while that's called The Daily Shoot It's got a little project everyday. There's no way I can do this every day so I'm just gonna feature it once and a while.
It was hard. When you actually have to think of how you're going to compose a photograph. Here's a few of my attempts for:
Make a photograph today with a diagonal line leading the viewer's eye through the composition.

So here we go:
It's got all sorts of leading lines, but the main one is diagonal.
So you can totally see the junk I didn't sweep up. e_e
I also have a thing for Kitty feet.

Look at Tybalt's Nose freckles. :D
Mugs that aren't even involved in this, but I just wanted to show off anyhow.

I also drew a picture today:
Sarah-chan dislikes sweeping. Very much.
I wish Tybalt would help clean up atleast his mess. >:C

There you have it.
That was my Tuesday.


  1. The second kitty photo made my night.

  2. Thanks Dom! I love taking pictures of animals. I should really post more.


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