Friday, January 14, 2011

Going on Quests Tomorrow

Well, Joshua is leaving this Sunday at 4PM for BC. He won't be back untill March 31st at the earliest. :c It'll be good if he stays out longer because he needs the contract, I'ma just miss him and school and animals limit me from following him out there.

So, I'm going on a little quest, to help get me ready for it all and some gifts for him. Getting a few photos developed and such and giving him a few along with a few other things.

Also, I doodled something. :)
heh, Even though he doesn't leave in his uniform, I still love it.
I'm also working on something a liiiiiitle bit bigger and sentimental.
Just a sneak preview!
I love SAI painter Tool

I've found a great song, I love it so much, and No, Sydney, it's not that Irish song.

It's actually the original version of that Techno-y song on my playlist.
It's really beautiful and makes me all mushy and stuff.

Hope you like it!

Expect a blog post Sunday night about how everything went.
Have a good weekend folks!

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