Thursday, January 20, 2011

Weird Weird Blog Dreams

Well, I'm really sickly at the moment, that 24 hour flu is going around and boy am I feeling it. I've been laying in bed, sniffing and chugging tea and watching sappy romances. One or the more recent ones I've watched is Riding in Cars with Boys staring Drew Barrymore.
It's an older movie, but it is really good, I recommend it to you. :)

Now, if you know me, I have crazy, fantastic, and vivid dreams. This because particularly scary when I have nightmares. But one of last night's dreams was awesome.
My grandmother somehow was reading Drew Barrymore's Tarot cards at her home. And I showed up to spend time with my Gramma and get my own cards done, but we sat and spoke with Drew instead.
And we got to speaking about our blogs. We laughed and laughed and had coffee and we taught my grandmother how to blog and we said what we liked in reading blogs.
I said I hated when people focused on writing about only the bad in their lives cause it's dreary and repetitive and plainly uncreative. She agreed completely with me. She started going off about what she liked and what she didn't, and we had oddly enough similar tastes.
I think Drew was more my subconscious having a conversation with me, but still, if my subconscious is coming out as somebody as talented as Drew Barrymore, well, I'm okay with it tricking me. :)
Oh and my grandmother does actually read Tarot cards. It's a really cool thing to have done, but the cards are tricky. (If they say you're going to come into money it could mean you'll come across a penny on the street.) I think I should get mine done again soon, it's been a while, and it's been a while since I've seen my grandmother.

For news on Joshua;
He's all settled in and working on a ship that is out of commission or I donno the term. We text back and fourth this time around, he forgot his charger though and has to go buy one tonight. It makes me miss him less. And Soon he'll have internet hooked up and we'll be playing xbox live in no time. :)

For news for me:
This was a little while ago but I applied to college for my second program. I applied to St.Clair for Veterinary Technician and Advertising (Backup plan) and then I applied to  St.Lawrence in Kingston for Veterinary Technician and Veterinary Assistant. Wish me luck!

Anyways; I was wondering cause I've got a mixed audience that reads;

 What do you like to see in a blog?

Personally I like all sorts (they really vary);
Horses, navy wives, crafting, art, photography, religious, family, food, animal care.

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  1. Haha I really liked reading this. I love that dream, it sounds so much like ones that I have. Have you ever had a dream like that, with someone in it that you've never met, like a celebrity, and you wake up and find yourself...missing them? Like you just got to spend good time with someone and then it was taken away. Dreams are such a mystery....


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