Saturday, January 15, 2011

Wait for Me

This was the little project I was working on, along with a small amount of photographs of me and him and me for Joshua's little care package. Filled with Reeces Peanut Butter Cups and  a little note.
I also found the ring we lost in his room while he was in the shower last night. (He looked really hard for it. ... It was in the first pile of clothes I looked in.) He doesn't know I found it, I think I'ma put it on tonight and see when he notices. I'm also gonna tease him for me finding it so easily. While he's packing I'm spending time with my tyrant of a kitty. I figured I'd blog and take care of myself.
Man does it ever feel good to see your digital work in print! I've already packaged up a few things so I can't really take pictures of the package as it's at the boy's apartment.
Ugh, I'm gonna miss that boy. But atleast this time we'll  be able to talk to eachother with cellphones. Hopefully it works out. Last time he left I didn't hear form him for well over a week! I didn't know if he got there okay or anything
Although I'm not exactly a Navy Wife, as I am not married to Josh, the feelings are pretty much the same. I still slump around my apartment, I still don't wanna get out of bed some mornings and I still miss and love him all the same.
He doesn't know about this one. It's smaller and in the care package I banned him from.
It's got the Lyrics to our song, I guess.

Now the song Wait For Me by Theory of a Deadman has pretty much become our theme. He sang it to me the night before he was gonna come home over webcam. Ugh, I'm gonna miss him so much.

I just wanted to share my art with you.

And, on another note, I am open for commission. ;)


  1. i am eating baked potato. it is wrinkly. What went wrong?

  2. First off, Thanks for following me!!!
    I'm assuming you found me from Brittney's blog.
    I'm just getting started in the blogging world and had her put my name out there.

    I saw that you followed me though and clicked your link and just so happened to notice that your name is Sarah and your misters name is Joshua. That is waayyy cool, because I don't post my sailor's name on my blog, but so is my husbands! :)

  3. Awww. I'm sad for you... but you'll be stronger and more capable after all. Don't worry, que serra, serra (sp?)
    xo K

  4. Aww hopefully it won't feel like TOO long before he comes back. I haven't seen him in a bit, we all need to chill when he returns.


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