Monday, January 31, 2011

My CRAZY Monday Nights

I'm on Day Four of the 30 Day Challenge
Usually my Mondays are pretty rough. Class at TEN!? What is this!? I would like to have a class at 12 or two instead!
It's not like my classes are hard.

I have Tuesdays off so usually I spend Monday night and Tuesday on my couch relaxing and studying for tests or doing homework.
Day 4: A Picture of Your night

Usually my nights are like this... So I mean it's not a crazy night by any means.

I got accepted into advertising, and I need to sort out how to transfer credits over to Kingston or whatever to see if I actually got accepted for Vet Tech and Vet assistant. Some reason they don't think I have my "High school or equivalent" for Bio and Chem. >:C

Either way, I am very happy I got accepted into Advertising. I am thinking I want to do that more now as I'm getting into the sciences like I am. We'll find out. Either or for the programs and careers is fine by me. Art or Animals. Both I have passions for.

Anyways, I should study for Bio for a bit. Have a good night guys!

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