Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A favourite Memory

You're going to have to excuse this post. It was a little bit more sentimental then I intended.

Stupid Nostalgia.
Day 05 - A picture of your favorite memory
One of my most recent faves:
Hanging out with my family on the French River
Well, I have so many favourite memories, I can't really even explain them. In my head they play like little movies. Little bits and pieces of my childhood, I really can't pick a favourite.
You're going to have to sit here and read them all.
Things like:
Going out to the Huffman's Farm on Sundays to play with the boys. Usually on bikes, cops and robbers, or mud fights if we weren't playing hockey or basketball.
Going around with my dad to do insurance with him. Well, I navigated the ordeal.
Dancing with my mom on nights when we couldn't sleep to loud obnoxious German and Russian Music.
Turtle Catching with my dad
Getting Pokemon Silver, a Gameboy colour AND a Scooter on the same christmas!
Family Reunions.
Playing Four square and hide and go seek with the neighbour kids the entire summer. Barefoot.
Tobogganning at Grandpa's.
Playing bouncy ball dodge ball in the stairway, Thanks Danny.
Playing Videogames with my big brother.
My first University Party I attended. Where I met that special guy in my life.
Getting pounced off a picnic table by my best friend. For little to no reason.
Rolling down hills in barrels.
Our backyard hockey rink.
The Shaving Cream and Baby Powder fight with my sister, my cousin and me against my brother.
Camping with Cub Scouts. (OH man, too many memories with that)
Being called Buttwhisker. Yes, that was a nickname of mine for a long time, lolol!
Hanging out outside the post office, for hours.
Playing Cheetahs with all my cousins in the bush, every get together.

Oh man... I really made a list.

I was really lucky to have a childhood like I did. :)

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