Monday, February 7, 2011


Sorry, I kind of went on school/church induced hiatus. Tests and road trips and studying and homework. I also had a candy sushi night with some of my friends.
I'm going on another road trip to Oshawa this weekend.
So much for the 30 day challenge... I'll just go about it now on days I have time. Like tomorrow.

Well, Great news is; I got accepted for the Veterinary Assistant Program in Kingston for September 2011! I'm so excited!
This is the Program! It's not like the Vet Tech program. Because it's not focused on a lab settings. There are courses on lab procedures, but it's not in depth. It's more on the handling of animals and such.
My First semester looks like this:
ANIM 10 Lab Animal Handling (45h)
ANIM 24 Introduction to Grooming (15h)
ANIM 26 Exotics (15h)
ANIM 41 Canine & Feline Handling Lab I (30h)
ANIM 115 Surgical Support Skills (30h)
ANIM 119 Pet Health 1 & Behaviour (60h
ANIM 125 Careers and Ethics (30h)
COMH 150 Computer Literacy (30h)
MATH 121 Mathematics (30h)
ANIM 112 Medical Terminology (30h)

Oh, They do Large Animal and Livestock in the spring. If you horse-folks are wondering.

And I think I'll be exempt from my Mathematics because I'm in it this semester, but who knows. It covers medical dosage for humans, maybe this math will be directed to medical dosage for animals. I don't think it'd be much different.
This schooling could potentially lead to me working with the OSPCA or something. Or just working in a vet clinic or owning a Pet shop. But Pet shops are just money traps that seem like good ideas, from what I gather. I think it'd be really awesome to go into something to prevent animal cruelty.

So, I told Joshua about this. I told him he isn't allowed to complain because Kingston is only 8 hours away, and not a 6 day car trip across the country like he is right now. He's a little upset, but he could always try to follow me up or something. I'm not staying home next year, I wanna travel too!

Asdofuhydsougfhsdgsdg!!! I am so excited and happy I got accepted! 


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