Tuesday, February 15, 2011

No Such Thing as a Free Animal.

Have I ever said "There's no such thing as a free animal" to you guys?
Yeah... This rings true for me. Maybe just cause I'm a tad bit more responsible than those knuckleheads that beg for free animals on Kijiji.ca or Craigslist. Ugh those folks piss me off to no end!

Probably the cheapest part about getting an animal is buying it.

Although I got my dog Valentine for free, I had to immediately take her to the vet and caused a $180 vet bill.Which I happily paid because she was in reaaally rough shape. Me and Syd thought she had Mange or something along the lines of that. I really do mean rough shape. I really should have charged those bastards with animal cruelty but it doesn't matter now. All they would have gotten was a slap on the wrist anyways. Stupid lenient laws.
Val, a few days after we got her. Look at her ears.
She had to wear a jacket because she had no fur on her tummy and back and tail.

 She most certainly was worth the money. She's the best dog I'll likely ever own, and I'm very glad I took a huge risk on her. She brightens up my family's day with her quirks. Although she doesn't play, she's a fantastic companion. Great great old dog.
Now look at her beautiful coat.

Now; Here's my new cat story.

Well.. Although I found my cat under a car, meowling and dirty as ever, I didn't have to pay, other than for his supplies. I still have the responsibility of taking him out to the vet. I got the whole package all at once, just to avoid multiple trips and trauma to my feline friend.

I seriously mean the whole package:
Dewormed  - He had tapeworms
Defleaed-and-stuff shot - Always good to have, though he didn't have fleas, he could have had other things.
Declawed - I can go buy a new shower curtain, and less random scratches on my arms from playing with him
Shots - All of his vacs. Minus the ones that cats need if they're outdoor too.
Tests - Gotta make sure my cat didn't have Feline AIDS and Leukemia.

Guess how much this vet bill is? Well the neuter was only $100 which is great for our area. But in total, it was $500. I figured I was gonna spend that much anyways on him so I agreed and hopefully I don't have to go back. Technically I saved money by doing all of the procedures at once. Less money for anesthesia and vet hours and certainly less trauma to my Tybalt.

Oh boy he was pissed to be there. I stuffed him in the ferret carrier. He bitched at the vet and the cats at the vet. I lol'd when the vet went to pet him on the head in a "good kitty" manner and he was all "HISSS SNARL HISS"

So, now I'm Tybaltless for two nights. I'm gonna miss that boy.<3 He'll be home Thursday, probably all drugged up.


  1. Sarah, you are a good mommy.
    Syd's Epic Aunt.

  2. It's so true. Ozzy was free. HA!

  3. Well said Sarah. Humans are such a selfish race. Far too many people see a puppy(or any other baby animal) and think "CUTTEE!" and get it without even considering the responsibilities it comes with. I get in such a rage over this. When I say Bleak is like my child, he really is in every way possible. I even swap stories with my sisters when they are talking about there kids. XD

    Also, didn't know Val's name was really "Valentine"! I want a white shepard, and I will name it this(have you seen "The Cell"?)


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