Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Blanket Fortress

I'm 18.
I'm in College.
But I still love blanket forts.
Over the summer me and Sydney made a fort with Joshua and my Cousin and played N64 in it untill 2 or so. My mother was not amused, but it was one of my favourite memories of the year.
Blanketfort in March '09
I can't find my other blanket fort pictures...

Instead of cleaning, or studying or going out with friends, I made a blanket fort. I haev the day off on Tuesdays, so I didn't skip class. It's the first  Second blanket fort I've made in this apartment. Compared to the one I've made before, this is a blanket fortress, and could easily fit three people comfortably. Only disadvantage is I can't see my TV when I'm in the fort. So Then I can't play kinect or anything on my xbox.

It didn't take me very long to make. I had plenty of blankets to use for the roof and walls and bedding on the inside. I just with I had more chairs or something to make my fort stay up better.
An Inside view of my fort.

Complete with Safari Sheets

My Lychan plush enjoying the fort.
Tyler so would have been down with this

Tybalt also enjoyed this a little too much
 And then there's Tybalt. Poor Fort Golden was ambushed by Tybalt the Tyrant. It was constantly under siege and was heavily armed with sharp claws and chaos. There were a few times where he tried to run acorss the top, or pull down a sheet. Luckily I had my trusty squirt bottle to deter him, sometimes.

Tybalt taking out the back wall of my fort.
 Soon after, my friend Arkady showed up, with offerings of Sushi in order to allow him into my fort. *sigh* Reluctantly I let him in. And many citizens in Fort Golden were happy as sushi was had. We drew and talked about anime and I showed him all my art and stuff.
It was a pretty good time, I must say.

So, Fort Golden is torn down for the night, in fears of Tybalt some how starting a fire with it. Cause you never know with this cat... Lol!

Hope you enjoyed it, and those readers with kids, or those that are still young enough to get away with it, should make one, and jsut hang out for the day with your family or boyfriend or good friends.
even though it sounds stupid, it's still fun to do. :)


  1. That fort is awesome! We need to do this as a group sometime.

  2. I am jealous! I'm 24 and we wanted to make one of these last year, so there's no shame.


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