Saturday, July 3, 2010


It's been a LONG while since I posted. Like... Three Months. Lol
A lot has happened. I went to Prom, I graduated, I acquired a lizard and a turtle. Okay. So not much has happened. This blog will likely just be a giant photo journal.

Lately my life has been revolving around the boyfriend, the animals, and the furry fandom.
Joshua's thumb has made about a 70% recovery, there's just the rest of the bending to accomplish. It's just sensitive, but it's losing that since I keep touching it on accident.
All of my animals are all honkey dorey and stuff. I have two sleeping in my bed. Two reptiles sleeping contently and a ferret out cold in her hammock.
As for the fandom. I've been really getting into it again, arting vigorously and so on and so fourth. You can check out my FA here: :3 I also now have a slight obsession with wolves. e_e
My summer has started, and it's been pretty good. Started with a party, which lead to me puking my face off. Tomorrow I am going to a fireworks party with my family. My dad's band is playing. It should be very very interesting. :3

Excuse the photo dump.


Olol: There was also a Tornado that hit the area on like.. June 6th or sommot. It was pretty mean.

I graduated:

My animals:
(I haven't had much of a chance to take a picture of Rikki.)


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