Friday, July 16, 2010

About Horses, Dogs and Bugs...

Blame Sydney. >:(
(Baha! I have finally realized there's an HTML setting!)

Well. My days have been revolving around my dog, Sydney's Indigo, praying manti, ...Despicable Me. Not ME. The Movie.

Horses First.


Well. To put it bluntly. I'm horse-dumb. I don't show that Genuine of an interest in horses like most horse folk. I have no serious knowledge or personal experience with horses. I have one painting from Senior Kindergarten and it was "A stallion and her baby" :B For srs. It exists. It went into the Harrow Fair. I was mighty proud of this picture!
To me, a horse is like a big giant dog with hooves of doom that you can ride around and make them work. They also like mints. Which isn't all that bad of an impression. If I ever own one, which would be neat, and would mean I would have won the lottery or struck oil, it would likely just be some pasture puff that looks pretty and is a real sucker for treats.
To Sydney. Horses are her life. I honestly could not see her doing anything else in her life. It's kind of like she was born into her herd. Ever since I've been tagging along to barns I've slowly started to learn more about horses, been on pony rides, and carriage rides, learned how to care for and boss around horses. Except Sebastien, whom I am too wary of.

Yesterday Syd took me out to take videos of her while she did her driving test with Indigo. While out and riding about in her cart she realizes very quickly that the outdoor arena for her to ride in is far too bumpy to be done comfortably or properly. I got pictures and video in. Pictures turned out great, but it's the videos we are having difficulties with...
Regardless, You will see these pictures and videos of Sydney driving Indigo bitless on two other sites, possibly more, promoting bitless bridles! If you are interested you should check out: for yourself! :)

I get home from this endeavour late, exhausted and dusty, but I am happy as a loon. I promptly check out the pictures and video, sort them out, and curl up in bed with my laptop.

I have started to watch Wolf's Rain. Which is a pretty good anime from the 90's about.. Well.. Wolves! Any wolf or anime lover should really check it out!

As I laze about my morning, my mother rages on about how I have to smuggle the dog away to some place out of the heat because the landlord is coming. They don't know we have a dog, "Just an old cat"...Plus four...... I mean.. what? When did those get here? I'm just pet sitting... permanently.
I attempt to hide off to Bianca's place, with no such luck. Who comes to my rescue? Syd. We were slightly iffy because we've both got dominant, challenging dogs. Mind you, they're BOTH under 30 lbs.
The best way to introduce dogs is to walk them together, not let them sniff at each other at all and just keep walking. This puts them into some sort of "pack mode", making it easier to have them together without fights. Dog fights are never fun to break up. There were two stern "Okay, stop it" moments from Val to Savannah and that was it. They were both very well behaved, shared tricks together, and Syd's bed, which for Savannah is a feat. She just barely shares it with her human.

Then we head off to the barn, which is becoming a much more familiar place. It was far too hot to do anything, really. I bump into a praying mantis, the second one of the day. The first was green, the second as brown. I'm sure those are the different genders, but I could be wrong. We, Most likely my idea more so, to put it on my shoulder and get a picture of it there. It was all good until it looked like it was going to hop to my face, as you can see my little freak out there. Interesting little creatures...

...I seriously started this blog at 12. It is now 2. I like to ramble on. I am also so easily distracted.
I shall leave you with this almost Sydney-like picture of a horse's eye. :>

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  1. I NAME THEM... Norbert (the brown one) and Farnfarkle (the green one)


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