Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Parties and Fishin'

In the past little bit, I've been slightly out and about. Mainly just spending time with my family.

On Friday I went to the City to go to my friend Kyle's 20th birthday party. :D Happy Birthday!It was a great time! Many lols ensued! It's always a pretty good time with Kyle, he's so amusing. We ended up staying up the entire night. I didn't go to sleep untill 10:40 in the morning on Saturday.

I looked at my first house later on in the day. It was "okay". Simply being that although it was clean, it just wasn't right, and lacked A/C. It's likely I'll be living in an apartment by myself. If I'm not rooming with people I know, I don't really want to room with anybody else. For safety's sake and such..
On Sunday my mom and her boyfriend took me with them to go fishing. Originally we went to a spot that they both liked a lot. I must agree with them, it was neat. I found it far too busy and trafficked to my full liking, though. We also did not catch very many fish there. I think it was only three or so for the four hours we were there. I still enjoyed myself. I played with my camera.
Eventually we got hungry and decided to go to another spot. Here there were people lined down the entire dock. There we met a nice woman who kept us company and gave us GREEN worms! Weird things. I wonder what the heck they feed them! When you cut them their insides were green too! Uegh.We brought home 15 Perch! We ate them as fish sticks pretty much!
I like fishing when you catch lots of fish :D. Most people like fishing like that. I don't care about what kind of fish I catch. I could catch Gobi all day long... and huck them at the wall (to avoid a fine.)There's seriously a fine if you throw a Gobi back into the water. Big Fine.

Today I went to meet with the cardiologist! Guess what!? There's nothing to be worried about! :D So long as I take care of myself there shouldn't be anything to worry about at all. The only cause for concern would be if my chest pains lasted a lot longer, or if I start fainting and stuff. What a relief. The doctor says the chest pain can be from some muscle around the heart that is being strained or something. It is my lacrosse side, so I suppose so.

Anyways. That's what's been happening for the last little bit! hope you enjoyed it!

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