Thursday, April 8, 2010

Birthday Cakes & Garter Snakes

Well; I'm 18; doesn't feel like too much of a difference except for the rebelious thoughts of wanting to get a motorcycle and or a tattoo. The tattoo will likely happen. OR PIERCINGS. I just have to find the right design that means enough to me that will mean a lot to me. Something
celtic or with wings or a feather.
( By the way my "d" key is almost completely broken. Will edit on another computer.)
I went to my boyfriend's house for my birthday. Spent the night there and went out for the day. It was gorgeous! So nice and warm out that we spent quite a bit of time just enjoying the weather and exploring and napping. I sleep a lot more than you think. Birthdays are no exception. Later on we went out with his brother to go see Clash of the Titans; it was a pretty good movie for fantasy and I think it will do well in the box office for it's genre. It was a very good night.
The morning after I had to leave pretty early and go to play practice.. I got a lot done; but I didn't exactly want to be there the day after my birthday. I'm not going this weekend. Too burnt out.
Below are some pictures I took while out and about. The other boy thurr is Jordan. He's Josh's older brother. He didn't mind the creeping and doesn't make such silly faces like Josh does when I creep him.
(alright; these aren't loading... I will upload them after.)
Then I had Easter with y mom's side. Me and my cousin Lauryn kind of went crazy with pictures. My little cousin didn't want her picture to be taken. But I snuck a few in.

The cake was interesting. Lauryn wanted to put my name on it; so we used sprinkles that have survived countless moves from house to house an that have been around for ages. Seriously. I can't remember a time without those sprinkles... And they've never been used. Nice Aged Sprinkles.

Oh; I have to tell you; I started to play WoW. And if you're unfamiliar with that; it's World of Warcraft. I got the 10 day trial. :/ Yep. Caved. But I love it. My Tauren Druid is gonna be epic! I only have 6 days left to the trial. Likely 5 now. But I will play my little heart out and then go buy myself the game. Likely the expansions too.
Josh's hand is in a hardcast now; his hand is healing up just fine this time unless he messes it up again. But I doubt he will.
I promise I will try to blog more. Generally I only blog during class and when I've uploaded photos onto my computer.
Which isn't often.

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    It ated my first comment.
    We have sprinkles that are 15-20 years old. They have a "Big-V" price tag on them. Yikes.

    Muaha my verification word is "redhoss"


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