Sunday, March 28, 2010

Blanket Forts and Gimped Boyfriends.

Alright. So it's been like ages and ages. Likely about a month since I have blogged. Or taken pictures. Yeah.
My birthday is on Friday! :) Don't really know what I want other than a laptop and sushi. All or nothing. Oh and will be seeing Clash of the Titans. IN three fucking dimensions. :3

I don't really have too much to say about myself other than health issues. We have been paying much attention to my health lately. I went for an echo-cardiograph or something like that on Friday and won't get my results back untill my birthday. Lucky me. It was interestingly boring. I got to wear a gown backwards and get an ultra sound tech to feel me up. Good times. I have to go get blood work done and pee in a cup. Within the next month or so.

I've been hanging out with this fine fellow on my weekends and stayed with him my entire March Break and then some.

Josh has been having health issues lately, too. In his adventures in the kitchen manage to nearly chop off his thumb. Making hamburgers. CHOP OFF HIS THUMB! Notrly. He merely severed a tendon and ANNIHILATED a nerve causing him to have surgery on the... 12th. Since then he has been wearing what we call "Cannon Arm". Which has been making him very grumpy and punchy at inanimate objects. Within the past few days he's learned that his tendon ruptured and he needed to have surgery on it again. So he's got an even bigger cast and in much more pain than the last time. In the worst case scenario he might not have full functionality for a year or so. At least he isn't punchy this time.

This weekend we've been hanging out in a ghetto blanketfort that is not the epitome of my blanket i... I AM BRING TICKLED. BEING RATHER. Anyways; It was not the EPITOME of my fort making skills; I could do better. Gimpy is not as pro at fort making skills and does lack a hand. When his hand is back we're gonna make kickass forts. :)

We also participated in Earth Hour. We played Yahtzee and I thought I won with a nice 222, but I only got 135 and came in dead last. Math Skills for the win. Nobody else on our street participated and that disappointed us. Lets hope they just forgot about it rather than just not do it.

I have been trying to upload this blog and pictures since Sunday and Blogger has been giving me a hard time about everything when I try to get on it using Firefox. So now I am on stupid Internet Explorer.

I had the day off of school. Not only were there extreme amounts of fog, there was a bomb threat. I'm guessing somebody had a test for today. Oh well. Day off for me! :)

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  1. Love that last picture. I did not participate in earth hour because I had to get stuff done on the computer for a recent death of a family member D:


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