Sunday, January 3, 2010


Well hello there.
I've been slightly busy, and I apologize for not updating.

I went and spent a Sunday afternoon at the local Humane Society, I brought in the toys that Val did no want anything to do with and the other dogs enjoyed greatly.

Litter box kitty and Scout the dog were my favourites there.

Yesterday is snowed, and a few of us went "TOBO GAINING!" It was extremely amusing. I win accident of the night by mashing my butt off a parking block. And Dan wins guinea pig of the night cause he let us roll him up and push him down the hill in a giant blue mat.

Val and Fatcat have been getting along lately. They both can sleep in my bed without issues. Except; Fatcat tries to defend me when Val "talks" to me when she wants something. Fatcat thinks the grumbles are growling and takes real offence to it. :3 Fatcta is just trying to protect me.

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  1. aww fattus cattus <3

    lol the great dan burrito experiment.


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