Wednesday, January 20, 2010

So Cool.

Alright, I am sorry blog, I haven't been the most faithful to you. I've been on crappy internet and been kind of neglectful, but now I can fill you up with some arts of me and my friends. Sound good?

Anyways lately I have been thinking of becoming a vegetarian, and stuff, just to be healthier. Veggies live longer anyways. And most of the eat products you see int he markets are not healthy unless they're fully organic and those cost an arm and a leg. I do not have the mentality that "OMFG I AM SAVING ANIMALS" or aything, because that would be a lost cause. I am doing this to be healthier, not for an animal, selfishly, I am doing it for me. And that is a good enough reason.
Plus I haven't had much of a craving for meat, other than sushi. I think I could cheat and eat me some sushi, because fish is much better for you to cheat with than beef or anything like that. Yeah?

So, you know that spikey cactus in my cacti garden? The one that is menacingly spikier. Well, he killed his brother, speared him. His brother is turning into mush. That is two dead out of five. I'll post a picture later.

Here's the art of Fawn, me, and Bianca. Enjoy, I really enjoy this style of shading. It doens't save me any time, and it gets the point across with how simple it is. click on them for a bigger view. I have to warn you of the size of them. They're huge pictures.

Me and Jasmine are just sitting around now, she's textin- I mean studying for her chemistry test! I don't study, I jsut do the test.

Chemistry by the looks of it, needs to be studied.


So cool. I'll leave you with that.

Bye Blog. <3


  1. The only problem with fish is a lot of it has more mercury, which can be worse than the grains fed to cows rather than the free range cows.

  2. Touche! Never thought of that one!
    I'd only cheat with sushi. :3
    I never really liked beef, Blehhhhh makes my stomach revolt just thinking of it. Ewww. I only reall like it in Tacos and in small amounts.


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