Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Good Week! Good Week!

Hellu Blog!
Haven't been doing too much lately, other than working on projects. I finished my art project on Social realism for Animal Welfare as my topic. It's a chesey topic, but i sure did make people go, "SARAH THAT MAKES ME SAD!" Well, that was what I was going for.. Except for the last one of me and Val THAT is supposed to make you happy and all, ":D! I want a dog so I can love it too!"

Tonight I took a big risk in letting my friend Shawn bring over his tiny, well not tiny, but young puppy to meet Val. val has a mean streak with most dogs, but she played very well with this puppy, and BOY was she fulllll over energy. That puppy with make a very good dog if trained properly.

I got really bored and decided to take pictures of Fatcat at the dinner table. He always sits there. It's his spot. Sometimes he'll eat with us at the table. :3 Then he started to chase my orange seeker light on my camera. xD He liked it.

I decided to pick up an old videogame from like 2005 that I used to play with my brother. It's not the greatest, but it keeps you busy. It's called Ashen Empires, used to be called Dransik when I played it. It's OKAY. Graphics haven't chanegd one bit but I guess that's what makes it unique. Here's a screencap, me and my brother standing around, lol!

I went out to dinner with my dad and his girlfriend, we all ate the lunch menu at 8 o clock at night. >:3 My dad ended up spilling his beer, and magically none of it spilled onto my lap but managed to get ALL over the seat around me. I had an entir.. lies, I had gravy, I was going to say i had an entirely vegetarian meal... *sigh. I'm going to miss real gravy.

My aunt Phyllis and Uncle Lawrence came down for a visit, nobody told me they were, so I was greatly surprised! :D I had a good weekend with my family. Scrabble was played, and I got schooled. We went and watched my little cousin play Tim Bit hockey and I played with my other cousin's leopard gecko.

I worked on my art project at my uncle's house, and my youngest cousin, who's 4, wanted to try the tablet. I was weary, but she's amazing, for somebody her age to even comprehend how it works so well. She got it right off the bat! That would be Spongebob. :D


I had a pretty good week! Spent a lot of time with my family and my pets and with my arts. Good week! Good Week!

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  1. Ahaha I want to grab the fat cat tail there!

    You did a really good job on the picture of you and val.


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