Thursday, October 27, 2011

Getting back into blogging

Everybody does it. They go on a hiatus, and put their blog on hold. I have NO idea what has been stopping me lately, its not like I'm not around the computer for at least an hour a day.

So what do you try to do to get yourself back into blogging on a regular basis?
Set a reminder on your phone? Tried that, I just ignore it.
I haven't really been taking pictures, so I can't really post them like that.
I think I could just write a WHOLE bunch of posts and just time them so they get posted at different times.
Should I start a challenge again? maybe the 365 Photo challenge?

Anyways; here's a life update;

 I got a roommate, and Josh moved in as well. Currently for animals we have Three cats; Corona (My roommate's cat), James and Tybalt, and then we have my ferret Rikki, and my Terrarium full of garden snails. Having three cats in the house certainly is different, considering they're all extremely different in personalities.

Corona will have an opinion on everything possible

Tybalt is the same as always and always getting into tons of trouble he knows he shouldn't be getting into.

And James is our neurotic kitty. He gets upset over EVERYTHING. At least he isn't scared of us anymore. He also hisses at his tail and chases it. It's quite amusing watching him get so angry.

I've been working midnights at McDonald's, and I seriously love it. I didn't expect to when I first started, but I think I'll be sticking around there for as long as I can. The pay sucks and so do the hours kind of. I get more training and hours than your average part time employee, because I work the midnights, so it's nice. Buuut I get to see people make themselves look like tools and people stoop to their lowest and try to mooch for anything free they can get.. so it pays off.
As for schooling; I don't know what in the world I want to do. I want to join the military reserves to become a cook. I've really taken an interest in cooking. I just need more training and somebody to teach me. I also need a working oven that can actually bake.

Anyhow, I'm going to go look up different photography challenges and we'll see if by my next post I've figure out what I wanna do on the side to motivate me.

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