Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Holy Cacti Batman! It's a Second Post!

I need to get a life, or a boyfriend, both would be nice.

I honestly haven't done much today other than what you'll see in my pictures I will be posting.

I woke up at 12 in the afternoon, which is normal for me on the break and on weekends. It was sunny in my room, so I decided to finally catch a good shot of the cactus Garden in my room, got a great shot of the big intimidating cactus. He looks pretty mean.
(click for a bigger picture, folks)

I went out to walk Val, and when I take her out I generally have my camera on me just to take pictures of cool things, the harbour is always changing and interesting. The end was entirely iced over, so we had to carry Val so her feets wouldn't freeze.. That would be my best fiend Daniel carrying her, he is equally unamused with the cold wind coming of the lake. I love winterscapes. And I love the silence over the water. Nothing but pressure cracks and big rumblings coming off of the ice. It's so peaceful.
After the walk, I got cozied up and tucked into my bed with some Animal Crossing, a DS game I got for christmas. It's fairly good! I fell asleep and took a nap for two hours.

I walk out of my room to make some tea, and my parents are sitting on the couch, with a GIANT bowl of nuts, watching chick flicks on the DIVA channel. I laughed real hard at them. I'd post a pictue but I'm sure my mother would disown me.

I'm likely to go arting later tonight and come up with something, so keep an eye on the deviantart, or the blog for tomorrow.

Have a good one folks.

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